COP26 – Big Failure?
  • transform! europe's Roland Kulke critically reports on COP26, which took place in Glasgow in October/November 2021.
    Expanding Democratic Control
  • Contribution to the seminar Expanding Democratic Control: Employment, Energy and Environment, organised by the Party of the European Left (7/11/2021) in the framework of the Peoples‘ Summit (COP26 Coalition).
    People and Nature vs. the UNFCCC: A People’s Tribunal
  • On 7 November, in the framework of the Peoples' Summit during the Glasgow COP26, a jury found the UNFCCC guilty of several serious charges, including failing of address the root causes of climate change. Furthermore, the UNFCCC violated the UN Charter. Therefore the jury claims wide-ranging measures of redress for the peoples of the world.
    Glasgow Greenwashed? Left MEPs at COP26 for Systemic Change
  • From 31 October, world leaders and experts will meet in Glasgow at the global climate talks, COP26. Over thirteen days, they will discuss and negotiate our future. While they bring their sponsors from big tech, big pharma and agribusiness, we’re getting organised to bring climate justice.
    On the COP26 Global Climate Talks
  • World leaders and experts will meet in Glasgow in November at the global climate talks, COP26. The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. Get an overview on the main actors and the key aims. An explainer by the COP26 Coalition.


    transform! europe at COP26
  • As part of the COP26 Coalition, transform! europe co-organises discussions in the framework of the COP26 People's Summit For Climate Justice. Bringing together the climate justice movement to discuss, learn and strategise for system change.