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  • With the current issue 13 of our journal we are, after seven years of continuous publication in at least four languages, introducing a change of our production strategy. Instead of a journal published at intervals of half a year, transform! europe will from next year on present a year-book the volume of which will be corresponding to the two issues of the journal.
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  • Critical Reflections on a Historic Crossroads
  • By André Tosel
  • Globalisation is a historically constituted phenomenon, a stage in capitalism’s becoming the world. It cannot be reduced to the simple connecting of national markets. On the economic level it indicates the creation of a true world market that is de-segmented and decompartmentalised, transmitting goods, services, capital’s factors of production, people, ideas and values.

On the Eve of the European Elections

  • Some Strategic Reflections on How to Change Europe
  • By Elisabeth Gauthier , Walter Baier , Haris Golemis
  • The May 2014 European elections require us to state publicly and clearly how we would like the European Union to change. Euro-scepticism and declining popular support for the EU may have antagonistic political consequences: A simple rejection of the EU without offering political alternatives has the risk of leaving the field open to the extreme right, which is exploiting the wave of discontent and is today running before the wind.

  • Different Roads to a Different Europe?
  • By Inger V. Johansen
  • With closer EU integration leading to more neoliberalism and authoritarianism, European radical left parties and activists, including components of the Party of the European Left (EL), are increasingly asking themselves whether a reform of the EU is possible.

Ways Out of the Crisis

  • Innovation – The Alter-Summit
  • By Elisabeth Gauthier
  • For a long time discussions in European conferences, social forums and other assemblies have been either about the analysis of (European) conditions or the development of alternative proposals. In the...

  • An Industrial Policy for Europe
  • By Mario Pianta
  • A new departure for industrial policy in Europe is needed for five major reasons. The first is rooted in macroeconomics; exiting the current depression requires a substantial increase in demand, which could come from a Europe-wide public investment plan.
  • Euro-Exit to the Left?
  • By Steffen Lehndorff
  • It is a well-known fact that the German right is divided over its attitude to the Euro. In the parliamentary elections of September 2013, a party of so-called ‘Euro-sceptics’ almost reached the 5 % threshold for entering parliament.

  • The Left and Immigration
  • By Marie-Christine Vergiat
  • After the latest drama in Lampedusa, where more than 350 immigrants, mostly Eritreans, perished 600 metres from the Italian coast, the immigration policies of the European Union and its member states are more than ever under scrutiny.


  • Croatia After EU Accession
  • By Stipe Curković
  • From the perspective of economic policy initiatives, one of most notable developments since Croatia’s entry into the EU on 1 July 2013 is an intensified drive towards completing the privatisation process of the remaining publicly owned assets.

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