• Editorial

  • With the death of Eric Hobsbawm the left has suffered a heavy loss. Transform! is honouring him in this issue by publishing a text that makes immediately evident the famous hallmarks of this great historian – a universal historical culture, the capacity for systematic and bold analysis as well as his accessible style free of all academic jargon. If, at the end of his deliberations Hobsbawm points to the alternative of “socialism or barbarism” that the 21st century must confront, he provides a clear indication of the direction in which the left should attempt to go.
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Leading Articles

  • The Communist Manifesto in Perspective
  • By Eric Hobsbawm
  • The following text is taken from the manuscript of Eric Hobsbawm’s opening address to the international conference organised by Espaces Marx on the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto and held at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris in 1998. The text was subsequently included in slightly revised versions in books published in France, Germany and the UK. We thank Hinrich Kuhl for his support.

Focus on the EU and the German Model

  • The Stability Treaty: An Error or a Crime?
  • By Jean-Marie Harribey
  • As this autumn begins, the governments of member countries of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU) are struggling to ratify as quickly as possible the EMU’s Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (the so-called Budgetary Pact).

  • The “Hard Core” of European Integration
  • By Lutz Brangsch
  • Dimitris Sotiropoulos notes quite rightly that the Euro is not just a currency, but a mechanism: “It has set up a particular form of symbiosis among different capitalist economies” (Sotiropoulos 2012, 66). But what is the material nature of this “symbiosis among different capitalist economies”?

Challenges for the Left

  • Hegemony and Neoliberalism
  • By Pierre Dardot
  • The very name of the seminar “Political Mindsets – Development of Political and Cultural Hegemony in Conjunction with the Crisis – New Challenges Posed to the Left”, which was held in Paris last September, invited us to think about “hegemony” and, more exactly to interpret the European elections (in Greece, Denmark, Spain, etc.) as confirming neoliberal hegemony.

  • Solidarity Within the European Left
  • By Gabi Zimmer
  • Paris in autumn 2007: The global economic and financial crisis continues to advance. The members of the Left Group of the European Parliament (GUE/NGL), in Paris for study days on the occasion of French EU-Presidency, are tensely listening to the scenarios one of Sarkozy’s advisors is laying out.

  • Left Political Forces in Russia
  • By Alexander Buzgalin
  • It was already clear from the parliamentary and presidential election campaign itself that President Vladimir Putin’s rise to power would prolong the conditions in which the left operate. During the...

Engagement of the Youth

  • Quebec Spring: The Roots of Resistance
  • By Olivier Clain, André Drainville, Gérard Duhaime, Andrée Fortin, Gilles Gagné, Sylvie Lacombe, Simon Langlois, Richard Marcoux, Daniel Mercure, and Stéphanie Rousseau from the Laval University


Additional Articles (Lang specific)

  • Eric J. Hobsbawm
  • By Erhard Crome
  • Er hatte das „kurze“ 20. Jahrhundert“ um mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte überlebt. Eric J. Hobsbawm war einer der großen Denker, die jenes vergangene Säkulum hervorbrachte. Von der Berufung her Historiker,...