• Editorial

  • Producing this issue of Transform ! was an exciting process. Long after we decided on the focus of right-wing extremism in Europe, the world began to move – on the one hand, with the uprising in North Africa and other Arab countries; on the other hand, the environmental catastrophe in Japan, with an earthquake, tsunami and atomic-reactor fallout. To treat these issues adequately, we tried to find authors and provide space. In this we succeeded quite well with the contributions of Gabriele Habashi, Joachim Bischoff and Elmar Altvater. However, as to the question of the use of atomic energy, the discussions seems far from over; rather it is just beginning. Left European opinion on this issue...
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Uprising in Northern Africa

Disaster in Japan


The Extreme Right in Europe

  • Introduction
  • By Erhard Crome , Walter Baier
  • The thematic focus of this issue of our journal is the “radical right”. As examples, (radical) right-wing movements in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ukraine and Hungary are addressed. In the lead...

  • New Aspects of the Radical Right
  • By Jean-Yves Camus
  • Until the beginning of the 21st century, political science generally defined the “far right” differently from the conservative and the liberal right on several fundamental points, even though...

  • The Hungarian Disaster
  • By Gáspár Miklós Tamás
  • I hate writing this article. Since I oppose the alarming authoritarian developments in my country and am pleading for the restoration of civil liberties, I might appear to be what I definitely am not:...

Challenges for the Left

On the European Union


  • Bleak Progress
  • By Walter Baier
  • On Michael Löwy’s Book "Juifs hétérodoxes, romantisme, messianisme, utopie" (Heterodox Jews, Romanticism, Messianism, Utopia)

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