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  • Dear reader,The focus of the current issue of Transform is the crisis of the capitalist economy and of the whole reproduction process it governs. It is far from being overcome, as the mass media would have us believe. In fact, the shifting of the burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the working population has, especially in Europe, just begun. In some countries there has been, and there is, massive resistance to it; in other countries massive austerity measures are being pushed through without large protest actions. This issue’s Essays section contains fundamental analytical articles on the character of the crisis and its consequences. They deal, on the one hand, with the stubborn...
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  • Europe in the Great Crisis
  • By Joachim Bischoff
  • For years the EU-Commission has been complaining about society in the Euro-zone being divided into two classes. The gap between those Euro-states able successfully to compete, with Germany as the...


  • Employment in the Centre
  • By Miguel Portas
  • Interview with Miguel Portas, Portuguese Member of the European Parliament, Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc), regarding the Pervenche Berès report on the financial, economic and social crisis. What...


European Union and Country Reports

  • Antisarkozyism in France*
  • By Pierre Laurent
  • The political situation in France is at a fresh turning point. The capitalist crisis and the financial crisis have suddenly worsened the living conditions of the world of labour, which is undergoing...
  • The Belgian Conundrum
  • By Francine Mestrum
  • Federal elections took place in Belgium on June 13, 2010, three and a half months before these lines were written. There is as yet no government, and not one of the problems that gave rise to the...


  • Ernest Mandel Biography
  • By Michael Löwy
  • Jan Willem Stutje, Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred, London: Verso 2009; translated by Christopher Beck and Peter Drucker, 392 pages. This is the first systematic biography of the main leader...

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