• Yearbook 2019
  • The Radical Left in Europe - Rediscovering Hope

  • 14 Apr 19
  • The transform! yearbook 2019 examines current challenges for the left forces in several European countries, explores the lessons of super majority strikes and other recent organising experiences, and looks at the alternatives opened up in '68 - '69 in the West as well as the countries of state socialism with their history of attempts at renewing Marxist theory and council democracy.


    transform! 2019

    Edited by Walter Baier, Eric Canepa and Haris Golemis

    397 pages, Paperback
    ISBN 978-0-85036-751-5
    Price: £ 17.99

    Merlin Press

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      Authors: Luciana Castellina, Frigga Haug, Alexandros Kioupkiolis, Tamás Krausz, Jane McAlevey, Rossana Rossanda, Jon Trickett, Hans-Jürgen Urban, Christophe Ventura, Gabi Zimmer, and many others.

      transform! 2019 is the fifth of an annual series reporting on and analysing European political and social developments.


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      Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Haris Golemis: The Radical Left in Europe – Rediscovering Hope 

      Becoming Subjects of History - Art, Theory, and Politics

      Frigga Haug: Contradictions in Marxist Feminism                              

      Eva Brenner: A Theatre of Self-Emancipation – Jura Soyfer on Stage in Contemporary Vienna 

      Challenges for Left Strategy

      Tamás Krausz: Searching for Alternatives – Interviewed by Róbert Nárai                                                 

      Walter Baier: Lenin, Luxemburg, Bauer – The Left and the National    

      Hans-Jürgen Urban: The Issue of Immigration – A Crucial Test for the Mosaic Left?                                       

      Alexandros Kioupkiolis: Counter-Hegemony, the Commons, and New City Politics                                                           

      Theodora Kotsaka: Commons Transition and the Role of the State – A New Question for the Left      

      Labour, Precarity, and Organisation

      Bernd Riexinger: Connective Class Politics as an Inspiration for the Left

      Jane McAlevey: Restoring Working-Class Power – Super Majority Strikes                                                         

      Peter Ullrich: In Itself, But Not Yet For Itself – Organising the New Academic Precariat         

      The Left and the Question of Europe

      Luciana Castellina, Judith Dellheim, and Gabi Zimmer: Reclaim the Manifesto of Ventotene!                                   

      Heinz Bierbaum: The European Left – Its Current State and Prospects                                             

      Klaus Busch: The Crises of the EU and Eurozone – National Regression Blocks Solutions         


      Yannis Almpanis, Mátyás Benyik, Raffaella Bolini, Judith Dellheim, Haris Golemis, and Christophe Ventura: Assessing the Anti-Globalisation Movement and the Social Forum Process – A Roundtable                                                                  

      Luciana Castellina: Remembering 1968                                          

      Jiří Málek: The 1968 Prague Spring – A Socialist Project                  

      Rossana Rossanda: The Students’ ‘68 and Workers’ ‘69 – Conflicts and Joint Action in the Italian Experience              

      Document: A Colloquium at the Mirafiori Fiat Plant – 1969   

      Erhard Crome: 1989 and Its Consequences for Russia and Germany   

      Tasos Trikkas: The Communist Party of Greece in 2018 – The Centenary of Its Birth and Fifty Years After Its Split      

      Country Reports

      Jon Trickett: The Challenges Before the Labour Party – Interviewed by Stelios Foteinopoulos                                     

      Gavin Rae: Conservative Authoritarianism and the Far-Right in Hungary and Poland                                                       

      Ľuboš Blaha: The Central European Left and Europe – Beyond Liberalism                                                             

      Adriano Campos and Alda Sousa: The Radical Left and Social Democracy in Portugal – Achievements and Obstacles     

      The Marxist-Christian Dialogue

      The Manifesto of Hermoupolis                                                          

      Michael Löwy: Why a Marxist-Christian Dialogue?                          

      Nikos Xydakis: Christians and Marxists – The Adventure of a Dialogue

      Economic Update

      Joachim Bischoff: The Return of the Economic and Financial Crisis – Nervous Financial Markets and the Slowdown of the Worlwide Boom