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Newsletter 08 October 2014
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
European Day of Action
On 11 October there is taking place a decentralised European Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA. [read more... ]
Solidarity with the Kurdish Struggle in Rojava
On October 7 a group of Kurdish demonstrators entered the European Parliament to draw attention to the on-going violence in Kurdistan as Islamic State (IS) militants arrive at the Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane. [read more... ]
The Victory of the Spanish Women’s Movement Is Important for the Women in All of Europe
By Heidemarie Ambrosch
Massive protests in Spain against the Government’s plans of exacerbating the abortion laws have shown results today: Prime Minister Rajoy has had to abandon these plans and the conservative Minister of Justice, Ruiz-Gallardón, who had been responsible for the draft of the bill, has resigned. [read more... ]
Alter Summit Press Release
A Future European Commission Against the People Interests
These days, the European Deputies will be induced to audition the candidates who were presented by the Member States for being part of the future European Commission. For Alter Summit, the team proposed by Jean-Claude Juncker is corrupted by the conflicts of interests and diametrically opposed to... [read more... ]
Scotland: Independence Loss Contains Seeds of Future Victory
By Murray Smith
After a campaign that lasted two years, Scotland voted on September 18, for or against independence, yes or no. And it was the No that carried the day, by a majority of 55 per cent to 45 per cent. [read more... ]
10 Points for a Trade Union Strategy Against Climate Change
By Asbjørn Wahl
Since each of us gets only some few minutes for our contributions on such a large subject as climate change, I have chosen to put forward ten brief points on a trade union strategy against climate change. Firstly, I will shortly establish some of the important factual basis on which we have to build... [read more... ]
Pope Francis Meeting the Left
On Thursday 18 September, Pope Francis received in a private audience the two European politicians of the Left, Alexis Tsipras and Walter Baier. Tsipras is Vice president of the European Left Party and president of the Greek party SYRIZA. Baier is coordinator of the network transform! europe. The... [read more... ]
transform! General Assembly 2014
transform! europe held its General Assembly on 18 and 19 September 2014 in Prague. [read more... ]
Workshop Report
transform! europe at the ATTAC Summer University
By Maxime Benatouil
More than 2000 people from across Europe and beyond gathered in Paris, from the 19 to 23 August, on the occasion of the “European Summer University for Social Movements” – organized by the network Attac Europe. Transform! participated in the event as one of the co-organizers. [read more... ]
There Are Alternatives! Towards a New Development Model to Overcome the Crisis
Kick-Off Meeting of the new Transform! Working Group on European Reindustrialization
By Maxime Benatouil
On the initiative of Transform! Europe, an interdisciplinary group of economists, trade unionists and historians met up at the Sapienza University of Rome on Thursday 25 September with the aim of launching a new working group dedicated to the reindustrialization of Europe. What are the crucial... [read more... ]
Obituary for Martin Jespersen
Mid September Martin Jespersen, hard-working member of the board of the Transform!Danmark network, died after a long battle against cancer. [read more... ]
10 October 2014 – 12 October 2014
Festival for Solidarity & Cooperative Economy
We are members of various Greek grassroots initiatives and the festival is a self-organised and self-managed process. A meeting point for collectives and struggles to connect and share knowledge. Round 200 groups from all over Greece participate and hundreds of volunteers help organise. Participants... [read more... ]
11 October 2014 – 12 October 2014
International Workshop
Women in Crisis and Beyond the Crisis
Organised by Rete Donne nella Crisi (Council Women in Crisis)  How do our lives change with the current capitalist crisis? Which alternatives are there to think and implement as women? Working languages will be Italian, French and English [read more... ]
07 November 2014 – 09 November 2014
European seminar
Socialization and Commons in Europe, How to build an Alternative Project?
Co-organized by by transform!,, Association pour l’Autogestion, Espaces Marx, Fondation Copernic, Omos,  Fondation Gabriel Peri, Cidefe, Attac, GUE/NGL and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation [read more... ]
21 November 2014 – 23 November 2014
Left Strategy Project 2014: International Workshop
Police Democratization in Europe
Presentation and discussion of the paper “Democratizing the Police in Europe”, by Georgios Papanicolaou and Giorgos Rigakos, in cooperation with Nicos Poulantzas Institute and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [read more... ]
20 November 2014 – 23 November 2014
Resistance in the Heart of the European Crisis Regime
Frankfurt Blockupy Festival
We will not wait for the appointments of the rulers – we will set our own agenda. Even if it will be 2015 before the ECB holds its hors d’oeurve event of prominent faces to inaugurate its new tower, Blockupy will be in Frankfurt this fall. Now, after the “May of Solidarity” across Europe and before... [read more... ]
European Economic and Social Quarterly 4/2014
Europe: a Continent between Stagnation and a Geopolitical Turning Point
By Joachim Bischoff
This is the first of a new transform! series of quarterly papers. They present the key points of social and economic evolutions in Europe and highlight the new contradictions caused by these evolutions on the political and ideological levels. [read more... ]
Report Workshop, 7 July 2014
Employees' Perceptions in the Crisis: Internalized Constraints and Credibility of Alternatives
By Maxime Benatouil
Previous research, as well as fruitful discussions between public-opinion specialists and social scientists from Germany, France and Greece showed that the state of political subjectivities was linked to the intensity of the crisis. The primary goal was to comprehensively study the causes behind... [read more... ]
Crisis and Akademia
Bibliography 2014
We present the list of publications in the project “Crisis in Europe – Crisis of Europe” and AKADEMIA Working Group.  [read more... ]
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