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Newsletter 21 December 2018

Pleasant holidays and a prosperous New Year! – Schöne Feiertage und ein erfolgreiches Neues Jahr! – Bonnes vacances et une très bonne année! – Felices Fiestas y un Año Nuevo exitoso! – Kαλές διακοπές και ευτυχισμένος ο Νέος Χρόνος!

Featured Article
Holiday Greetings
“All I want for Christmas is … the workers of all countries to unite”
We hope this year’s holiday frees you at least temporarily from the capitalist mode of production and enables you to escape at least partly the capitalist mode of consumption. Ho Ho Ho! What present is better than supporting an initiative in solidarity with migrants and refugees? See below a list... [read more... ]
Speech at the Bilbao Forum
The Neo-fascisist Parties like the FPÖ don’t Believe in Democracy
By Walter Baier
The new tendency to authoritarian rule does not come from nowhere; the reason for its rise is that neoliberal austerity policy, the dismantling of the welfare states, the degradation and precarisation of the working class has not solved any of Europe’s problems. [read more... ]
EP Elections Monitoring Project
European Contradictions Five Months Before the EP Elections
By Angelina Giannopoulou
Transform! Europe and all its member and observer organizations have committed themselves to create spaces for radical progressive dialogue and debates and assist the affiliated parties throughout Europe in their race towards the EP elections. [read more... ]
Making Sense Of Brexit's Deep Divisions
A Kind Of Blue
By Vasilios Ioakimidis
Almost three months before the scheduled Brexit date (28 March), and while political passions run extraordinarily high, the shape and scope of UK’s leave from the EU seems to be more uncertain than ever. [read more... ]
"Yellow Vests" Uprising
The Popular Volcano is Back!
By Paul Elek
Paul Elek on the « yellow vests » (gilets jaunes) uprising. [read more... ]
The Migration World Pact: Wishes and Realities
By Jon S. Rodriguez
Numerous political leaders from all over the world are gathered these days in Marrakech, under the auspices of the UN, to sign a new migration agreement: the Global Compact for Migration. Migration has become one of the political priorities at a global scale and the richest areas of the world are... [read more... ]
Poland and the Left After the Local Elections
By Gavin Rae, Czesław Kulesza
The recent local elections in Poland have once again been dominated by the country’s two main right-wing parties: Law and Justice Party (PiS) and Citizens’ Platform (PO). They have also underlined the present weakness of the Polish left, which was further marginalised during these elections. [read more... ]
Failed Referendum in Romania Shows Deep Disillusionment with the Political Establishment
By Vladimir Bortun
The restoration of capitalism in countries like Romania failed to meet its promises and has instead delivered mass economic migration, vast income inequality, decaying public services, precarious jobs, low wages and corruption. [read more... ]
Andalusian Elections in Spain. The Beginning of a New Phase of the Political Cycle
By Javier Moreno
On December 2nd elections were held in Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, and the result marks a turning point in the electoral cycle that starts now in Spain. [read more... ]
Hungarian Government Facing Warm Political Winter
By György Droppa, Matyas Benyik
On Sunday, 16th of December more than 30,000 people rallied against a new „Slave Law” passed by the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's right wing government. We bring the overview of the developments. [read more... ]
Understanding the Rise of the Radical Right: Dimensions of a Generalized Culture of Insecurity
By Mario Candeias
It is a time of monsters. The organic crisis of the old neoliberal project has also brought forth the rise of a new radical right. But what are the reasons behind this? Many different explanations exist, most of which are valuable in certain aspects. This text aims to gain a deeper understanding of... [read more... ]
Call for Papers (Deadline: 6 January 2019)
ITH Conference 2019: Working on the Land. Actors, Societies and Environments
The 55th ITH Conference (5-7 September 2019, Linz/ Upper Austria) investigates the topic of “Working on the Land”, aiming to strengthen the links between labour history and rural history. [read more... ]
Call for Papers (Deadline: 15 February 2019)
BSTP Workshop: Is Nationalism Obsolete?
By Deniza Mulaj
The Balkan Society for Theory and Practice will hold its second workshop on July 1-12th, 2019, in Prishtina, Kosovo. We welcome applications from all disciplines and encourage activists and artists to apply even if their work is not in the form of a traditional paper. [read more... ]
transform! europe's new observer organization
Centre for the Politics of Emancipation
In autumn 2018, transform! europe could welcome the Centre for the Politics of Emancipation (CPE) as new observer organization. Read about the CPE presenting itself. [read more... ]
UN Climate Summit 2018
Report on transform! europe Participation in COP24 in Katowice
By Roland Kulke
We analyse and engage the challenges of climate change from the perspective of our “productive transformation” project. For us only a systemic change of the whole capitalistic system can be real solution to anthropocentric climate change. [read more... ]
The World Transformed: Where the Heart of the British Left Beats
By Angelina Giannopoulou
Report from The World Transformed festival in Liverpool, 22-25 September 2018 [read more... ]
02 March 2019 – 02 March 2019
European Conference
¡No Pasaran! Confronting the Rise of the Far-Right
Transform! UK supports the european conference on the rise of far-right, bringing together left and progressive forces from across Europe and beyond: to work together, to promote viable political alternatives and coordinate an effective response. [read more... ]
The Militarisation of the European Union
By Katerina Anastasiou, Walter Baier Erhard Crome Bruno Montesano Panos Trigazis
Since the Brexit decision, the only political project that the neoliberal elites in the EU and its member states are pursuing is the multidimensional militarisation of the EU. In this situation, transform! europe has gathered a collective of authors to stimulate discussion among European left... [read more... ]
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