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Newsletter 23 November 2017

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Featured Article
A Question of True Democracy
By David Companyon
Images depicting the severe brutality of the Spanish police clashing with voters at the October 1st referendum in Catalonia spilled across social media and TVs around the world. Faced with these images, many asked: What is happening in Catalonia? [read more... ]
Electoral Change in Times of Post-Democracy
By Walter Baier
As this text is published, coalition talks between the ÖVP and FPÖ will still be ongoing. However, nobody doubts that they will find a compromise. [read more... ]
Parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic
A Black Autumn for the Czech Left
By Jiří
On 20 and 21 October, parliamentary elections were held in the Czech Republic. The populist ANO 2011 movement managed to gain the largest share of the vote mainly by applying smart marketing strategies during the election campaign. The Czech left, however, follows the European downward trend. [read more... ]
Call for Participation
3rd International Marxist-Feminist Conference
“Transforming Our Lives. Transforming the World”. – The Third International Marxist-Feminist Conference will take place at Lund University (Sweden), from 6 to 7 October 2018. Deadline for submissions is 28 February 2018. [read more... ]
Final Declaration of the Marseille European Forum
“Towards a Second Forum for European Left, Green and Progressive Forces”
We, as representatives of diverse forces, have gathered in Marseille, 10-11 November 2017, to discuss issues of great concern to millions of people throughout Europe. [read more... ]
A Plan B against the EU: Rebuilding Europe before it collapses
By Sophie Rauszer, Olivier Tonneau
As illustrated by the last economic crisis and by the way its effects have been handled in Greece, the European Union acts as a crutch to protect the market’s flawed logics against democracy. As a new banking crisis of unprecedented magnitude now looms, something must be done urgently. [read more... ]
Strengthening Migrant Rights in Post-Brexit Britain
By Marina Prentoulis
Post financial crisis, the most persistent scapegoats for many parts of society has been migrants and refugees. Used by mass media, politicians and common people alike, the problems of Europe have been condensed in the spiteful image of the ‘others’. [read more... ]
Conference Report
Labour and Technology
On the first Friday of October the Institute of Labour Studies, Ljubljana in collaboration with Zavod Bunker, RLS Southeast Europe and transform! europe organized a conference on the topic of the relation between labour and technology in the 21st century. [read more... ]
23 November 2017 – 25 November 2017
European Conference
Inequalities, Neoliberalism and European Integration: Progressive Answers
Inequalities are one of the most debated topics internationally in the last years, especially after the 2008 crisis which has made evident the deadlocks of unregulated neoliberal financialized capitalism. [read more... ]
04 December 2017
International Conference
Just Transition – Investments for Decent Jobs in a Low-carbon Society
Currently, the European parliament and the Council negotiate the so-called “winter package” which will change existing legislation in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy support schemes, the electricity market design and the energy performance of buildings. [read more... ]
The Front National and the 2017 Electoral Cycle: Mixed Fortunes
By Antoine de Cabanes
Less than six months after accessing the second round of the presidential election and gathering more than 10 million votes in the second round, the Front National (FN) is in deep crisis. [read more... ]
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