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Newsletter 17 October 2016

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Featured Article
Conference Report
Writing Feminism into Marxism
“Building Bridges – shifting and strengthening visions – exploring alternatives”: under this title the second edition of the Marxist-Feminist Conference gathered on 7–9 October in Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts 500 participants from 29 countries of all continents. [read more... ]
Great Britain
The limits of Corbyn’s Labour: social democracy and the radical left
By Patrícia Martins
Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election to the leadership of the Labour Party on an increased vote is a significant victory for the left in the Labour Party and for progressive politics in Britain. It is a victory that everyone on the left celebrates. [read more... ]
Analysis: 2016 Parliamentary Elections in Russia
Hegemony or Negotiated Consensus?
By Veronika Sušová-Salminen
This year’s parliamentary elections in Russia did not promise any big surprises. In the end, there was at least one: a landslide victory for the pro-Kremlin political party United Russia (Yedinaya Rossiya) which took 76 % of seats in the Russian parliament or State Duma.[1] [read more... ]
Some Reflections on the Visegrad Countries
By Joanna Gwiazdecka
In the Visegrad Group there are as many differences as similarities, which contributes to the Group having a certain dynamic. The Group has recently undertaken quite a lot of successful activities or at least initiatives. [read more... ]
Short Report
Regional elections in the Czech Republic
By Dagmar Švendová
Elections to regional councils in the Czech Republic were held in 13 regions (except Prague) on 7 and 8 October 2016*. In one third of constituency's were together with Czech senate elections. In general the results show clear loss for both traditional left-wing parties as well as traditional... [read more... ]
On the 2016 Berlin election results
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
From a left-wing perspective, the results of the Berlin state election held on 18 September 2016 can be perceived as a success due to the good performance of the LEFT (Die LINKE). However, looking at the high approval rating for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany), they... [read more... ]
No Alternative Politics of European Integration without a Progressive European Industrial Policy
By Maxime Benatouil
This article soon will be released in a publication edited by the Brussels office of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [read more... ]
Hungary’s national referendum
Racist state propaganda, migration policy and authoritarianism
By Anja Svobodovna
On 2 October, a national referendum was held on the EU’s refugee quota system and Hungarian migration policy, in a climate dominated by racist state propaganda. While an overwhelming majority of voters rejected the EU's migrant quotas (98%), turnout was too low (43%) to render the poll valid. The... [read more... ]
25 October 2016 – 26 October 2016
Workshop on Productive Transformation
Europe Deserves Better: Building Alliances Towards a New Model of Development
In close cooperation with the Nicos Poulantzas Institute and the Brussels office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, transform! wishes to present the outcomes of its work on Europe’s productive transformation and to exchange views on similar plans put forward by other progressive forces. [read more... ]
25 November 2016 – 26 November 2016
European Conference of the Alter Summit network
“Social and labour rights in time of austerity and deregulation: Strengthening and connecting struggles in Europe” [read more... ]
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