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Newsletter 02 September 2013
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
Against a War in the War
By Walter Baier
The intention of the US and France to militarily intervene in the Syrian Civil War would add yet another bloody chapter to the tragedy of the Syrian people. The use of chemical weapons, which according to many concordant reports occurred last week, is a war crime and whoever perpetrated it has to be... [read more... ]
EL Condemns the Declared Attack of USA and Western Allies Against Syria
The Party of the European Left (EL) condemns the coming attack of USA and its western allies to Syria for several reasons. Our only guideline is the interest of the Syrian population. We condemn all the crimes committed for 2 years against the civilian populations: those of the Assad regime who... [read more... ]
Report on the 1st Congress of SYRIZA
By Yiannis Bournous
The 1st Congress of SYRIZA took place in Athens, 10-14 July 2013. Approximately 3500 delegates dealt with the major tasks of formulating the Political Declaration, the Political Resolution and the Statutes of the new party, while evaluating the current situation in a national, European and global... [read more... ]
The Czech Republic Before Elections
By Jiří Málek
The phrase “cherchez la femme” does not apply, but the unobtrusive yet powerful, intimate girlfriend of the prime minister and also manager of his office was simply the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Her use of military intelligence for the private monitoring of the premier’s wife was... [read more... ]
The Greek Neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn – No Pasaran?
Interview with Dimitris Psarras, the author of the Greek “Black Book of Chrysi Avghi (Golden Dawn)” [read more... ]
Lothar Bisky 1941 – 2013
On 13 August, Lothar Bisky, former president of the European Left and of the parliamentary fraction of GUE/NGL, unexpectedly passed away. transform! europe sent the following letter of condolence to the party DIE LINKE, whose president Lothar Bisky had been until 2010. [read more... ]
Ongoing Dossier
“Euro in Debate – Future of the Euro?”
Since June transform! has been publishing a selection of controversial contributions dealing with a current debate concerning the future of the Euro. This dossier is an ongoing project continuously supplemented by new articles. [read more... ]
transform! at the Summer University of Front de Gauche
By Louis Weber
During the Summer University of the French Front de Gauche (24-25 August) transform! europe hosted a seminar entitled “What is new in social the balance of power in Europe?” [read more... ]
Seminar VI: Report and Presentations
Polarizing Democracies: Left Parties at the Crossroads of Economic and Political Crisis
By Panayotis Pantos
The seminar in the frame of transform!’s priority programme on Left Strategies which was held in Vienna in April 2013 dealt with polarizing democracies and left parties at the crossroads of economic and political crisis. Find the final report, keynote speeches and some country case studies below. [read more... ]
20 September 2013 – 22 September 2013
19th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe
Conference of the EuroMemo Group
“The deepening divisions in Europe and the need for a radical alternative to EU policies”. This year’s EuroMemo Group conference will be held in London at the School of Oriental and African Studies from 20-22 September 2013. [read more... ]
28 September 2013 – 01 January 1970
Democracy and Laity, Labour and Common Goods, Rights, Citizenship and the Mediterranean Space
Europe, What to Do?
After the World Forum in Tunis, the Alter Summit of Athens, a week after the German elections, eight months to the European elections, a day of common reflection. [read more... ]
04 October 2013 – 05 October 2013
International Conference
Rosa Luxemburg’s Concepts of Democracy and Revolution
One of the most important contributions of Rosa Luxemburg to modern Marxist thought is her refusal to separate the concepts of “democracy” and “revolution”. This approach is developed in a) her criticism of the limits of bourgeois democracy, b) her conception of the revolutionary struggle as... [read more... ]
19 October 2013 – 20 October 2013
International Conference
Since the financial crisis in 2008, Karl Marx’ analysis of society have been discussed in wider circles, even amongst mainstream economists, in order to grasp the crisis of the global economy. What more can Marx’ analysis and social critique contribute with, if we want to understand contemporary... [read more... ]
New Populisms and the European Right and far Right Parties. Challenge and Perspectives for the Left
New populisms are haunting Europe. These populisms are shaping the European political rights. Both in the West and in the East. These new waves of the old discriminations, from the social, cultural, political, racial etc. point of view, are sharpened by the new discriminations due to the changes in... [read more... ]
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