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Newsletter 06 December 2019

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Featured Article
Madrid, dominated by the extreme right, continues to cry out No pasarán!
By Mauricio Valiente
On 30 October the Madrid City Council approved the celebration on 23 August of the Day of European Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism to pay homage to the victims of the communist and National Socialist regimes and other totalitarian and authoritarian regimes’, following an... [read more... ]
Greece’s New Authoritarian and Undemocratic Rule
By Angelina Giannopoulou
The recently elected right-wing New Democracy government is completely in the service of the 'law and order' doctrine. [read more... ]
On Rosa Luxemburg. The Most Recent Publications
Find here a non-exhaustive list of the most recent publications on Rosa Luxemburg's life and work - all released in 2019, the year of the 100th anniversary of her murder. [read more... ]
Open Letter
Respect for Historical Memory in Europe
The board of transform! europe launches the following open letter regarding the resolution 'Europe must remember its past to build its future', adopted by the majority of the European Parliament – rejected by the GUE/NGL group. [read more... ]
Introduction and Conference Report
The Concept of 'Common' – Towards an Economic and Social Democracy
By Roberto Morea
It appears increasingly obvious that the concept of the Common can provide a framework for a left alternative project embracing the questions of social and economic democracy and ecology. Read an introduction on the concept of the Common and conference report by Roberto Morea. [read more... ]
Austro-Marxism beyond Left Wing Melancholy
By Walter Baier
Walter Baier on Austro-Marxism at the International Conference ‘The Left Alternatives in the 20th Century: Drama of Ideas and Personal Stories' in Moscow. [read more... ]
2019 Members‘ Meeting of transform! europe
By Barbara Steiner
In mid-September, representatives of member organisations, employees and guests met at our coordination office for our annual Members‘ Meeting. Almost 50 participants engaged in general political discussions and the Members adopted the organisation’s budget and working schedule for 2020. [read more... ]
From Marseille to Bilbao – and Now to Brussels. The European Forum of Progressive Forces
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
At its fifth congress held in Berlin in 2016, the Party of the European Left (EL) decided to set up an annual forum of progressive forces with the aim of being able to intervene more effectively in European public debate. [read more... ]
Conference Report
TWT 2019: The Left in the UK Aims for Transformation!
By Haris Golemis, Angelina Giannopoulou
Supported by transform! europe once again, the fourth edition of The World Transformed (TWT), the most well-known and well-attended left-wing political festival in the UK, raised some very important questions for the left, acting as an example in terms of the methods applied. A report by Haris... [read more... ]
11 December 2019 – 11 December 2019
International Conference – important update (04.12.)
European Industrial Policy – a Tool for a Green New Deal
On the initiative of GUE/NGL and Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation Brussels in cooperation with transform!europe, this conference aims at bringing together partners from different member states such as: representatives of progressive parties in the EU and the US, trade unions, climate justice organisations... [read more... ]
10 December 2018 – 01 January 1970
Call for Papers (Deadline: 6 January 2019)
ITH Conference 2019: Working on the Land. Actors, Societies and Environments
The 55th ITH Conference (5-7 September 2019, Linz/ Upper Austria) investigates the topic of “Working on the Land”, aiming to strengthen the links between labour history and rural history. [read more... ]
Climate and Energy Transition in the Balkans
By Andrea Milat, Saša Petrović Mario Kikaš Adela Gjorgjioska Jana Tsoneva Manuela Kropp Goran Jeras Haris Husarić Roland Kulke
The publication starts with more general perspectives and the consequences of climate change for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Bulgaria and continues in a second part with energy, using the examples of Croatia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. An eDossier by Bilten in... [read more... ]
In the Aftermath of the European Elections: The European Left Facing New Challenges
By Angelina Giannopoulou, Gabi Zimmer Walter Baier Cornelia Hildebrandt Heinz Bierbaum Danai Koltsida Yiannos Katsourides Jukka Pietiläinen Tatiana Moutinho Gavin Rae Jiří Paolo Chiocchetti Jana Tsoneva Giuseppe Cugnata Paul Elek
This publication is the documentation of the seminar organised by transform! and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in June 2019, right after the European Elections. [read more... ]
Ten Years into the Global Financial Crisis. The Current State of Finance in the EU: Prospects and Alternatives
By Judith Dellheim, Marica Frangakis John Grahl Stefanos Ioannou Konstantinos Loizos Vlasis Missos Jan Toporowski
Papers presented and discussed during a workshop in March 2019 at the Nicos Poulatzas Institute, Athens. [read more... ]
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