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Newsletter 19 September 2016

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Featured Article
CEE: Brexit, migration, EU crisis … and what’s next?
By Jirí Málek
The current European situation dominated by issues such as Brexit, migration and EU crisis poses a set of questions for which we have to seek answers. Does the current European state of affairs have a specific influence on the CEE region in certain matters? How shall the radical Left act in this... [read more... ]
Europe After Brexit
Refoundation Means Discontinuity With the Past*
By Haris Golemis
Nobody, of course, can deny the significance for Europe of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. However, my view is that this historic event with its unknown consequences for the future of European integration is only a symptom of the general turmoil prevailing in Europe since the... [read more... ]
Some Remarks on the Future of Europe and of the Transformative Left
Hello, This is Capitalism
By Walter Baier
Talk at the Summer University of PCF. – The dilemma of Europe is real. On the one hand, it is clear that Europe cannot continue in the same track, something that Britain’s referendum has underscored; of course, the No targeted not only the EU but also Britain’s political class, thus demonstrating... [read more... ]
Labour market’s reform package and (fragile) re-birth of a trade unions-led social movement
By Maxime Benatouil
The so-called Labour Law, passed en force by the French government on 20 July, is the most serious attack against the “Code du Travail”, already undermined for the past thirty years. A short historical overview is necessary to better grasp the destructive scope of this law, promoted and enforced by... [read more... ]
The Radical Left in Slovakia: Possibilities of recovery at the national and European level
By Michal Frič
The radical left is not only witnessing the global strengthening of the free market imperative at the expense of human rights – it is also suffering from it. This is most evident in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe region in which traditional political subjects professing the ideals... [read more... ]
Report: EL Summer University 2016
Fruitful discussions and renewed enthusiasm
By Roberto Morea
This year, the European Left’s Summer University was held in Chianciano, in Italy, on July 20-24th. During the three days, the participants discussed three key issues: Europe, Work and Peace. Over 260 people from 31 countries signed up for this year’s particularly productive EL Summer University,... [read more... ]
Report from the Workshop
“The Real Existing EU and the Challenge of a Left Investment Policy”
By Vladimir Cvijanović, Aimilia Koukouma
The transform! and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's Workshop* gathered experts from all over Europe to discuss a progressive investment policy that would contribute to reindustrialisation, higher employment, as well as decreasing inequalities. [read more... ]
30 September 2016 – 02 October 2016
‘Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda’
International Peace Bureau World Congress 2016
“The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded” (UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon). Given the omnipresent atmosphere of political confrontation and the worldwide armament, the International Peace Bureau (IPB) organizes the World Congress on global disarmament and military spending. [read more... ]
07 October 2016 – 09 October 2016
2nd International Marxist-Feminist Conference
Building Bridges – shifting and strengthening visions – exploring alternatives
In March 2015 over 500 women and men participated in the first international Marxist-Feminist conference. Some of the themes were: Revisiting and rethinking Marxist-Feminist theory, Intersectionality from a Marxist-Feminist perspective, Hegemonic Feminism as a servant of neoliberalism, the position... [read more... ]
19 November 2016 – 20 November 2016
Transform!Danmark invites to next Plan B conference
“Alternatives to the Europe of austerity”
Following the meetings in Paris and Madrid, this conference will be the next step in the Plan B process and will serve as a space for an open debate on alternatives and strategies for the left-wing in relation to authoritarian austerity and the European economic and democratic crisis. [read more... ]
Policy Advice Paper
Transforming Central East Europe
By Veronika Sušová-Salminen
Global Systemic Designs – Local Political Consequences [read more... ]
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