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Newsletter 12 July 2017

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Featured Article
Economic Governance in the EU after the Eurozone Crisis
By Christakis Georgiou
The aim of this report is to provide a general overview of the evolution of the EU’s economic governance architecture, and in particular of the impact that the Eurozone crisis has had on that evolution, as well as to present a broad outline of its economic and political consequences. [read more... ]
A new digital platform
Launching “Colours of a Journey”
By Katerina Anastasiou
A new cultural and memory project on migration was launched on 20 June. The platform was designed to collect and exhibit paintings and illustrations – or “stories” – of refugee and migrant children who are now living in different countries of Europe. [read more... ]
The Left Under Macron
By Maxime Benatouil
An interview with Elsa Faucillon, the newly-elected Communist MP on France’s divided Left and the way forward in the fight against Macron. [read more... ]
Local Elections in Italy
Abstentionism the Biggest Winner
By Roberto Morea
On the left, the results of June’s local elections show that independent civic lists, in which more radical proposals are put forwards, can have gratifying outcomes. More generally, the results highlight an opportunity to fill a space left by both the decline of the PD and a lack of attraction... [read more... ]
How to interpret the Albanian elections
Why could a third-way party gain such a victory?
By Arlind Qori
The results of the general elections in Albania came as a surprise to almost everyone: A landslide victory for the ruling Socialist Party, a political disaster for the Democratic Party and historically strong abstentionism. [read more... ]
Results of the workshop on 29 May 2017 in the European Parliament
Access to energy – a basic social right! How to abolish energy poverty?
By Manuela Kropp
Approximately 11% of the population in the European Union suffers from energy poverty or is acutely threatened by it. – A Workshop on energy poverty was organized by the delegation DIE LINKE. in the European Parliament, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Brussels and transform! europe. [read more... ]
Report: International transform! Conference in Copenhagen
Building Red-Green Alternatives: Can Commons Challenge Neoliberalism from Below?
By Inger V. Johansen, Gitte Pedersen
The sixth Transform!Danmark Conference, focusing on the development of left economic and ecological alternatives, took place in Copenhagen on 18 March. Once again, it focused on sustainable and fair transformation, as well as a changing society in Europe and around the world. [read more... ]
Issue No. 1 out now!
EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper Series
The EuroMemo Group has successfully launched its Discussion Paper Series with the first issue in July 2017. Scientists are invited to make critical contributions to the discussions on the ongoing developments within the European project. The series is being financially supported by transform!... [read more... ]
19 July 2017 – 23 July 2017
12th Summer University of the European Left
Every year since 2005 activists, party members, and members of social movements from all over Europe and beyond meet for four days to jointly develop ideas for an alternative Europe. The Summer Universities are jointly organized by transform! europe and the Party of the European Left. [read more... ]
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