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Newsletter 20 June 2016

Our newsletter contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.

Featured Article
Britain at a Turning Point
By Patrícia Martins
As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are breaking down as the divisions over Remain or Leave cross and re-cross through parties and movements where typically in a general election period... [read more... ]
Spain: Unidos Podemos
50 Steps to Govern Together
The coalition between Podemos and IU (called “Unidos Podemos” – Together We Can) is the only one that, on 26 June, could overturn the situation created by the 20 December Spanish election. In order to do that, Podemos and IU have agreed on a 50-point programme to end austerity and bring democracy to... [read more... ]
A Struggle on All Fronts
By Christian Pilichowski
Faced with a democracy that has been denied, an authoritarian government and repressed social movements, the seven trade unions that have spent almost three months fighting against the El Khomri bill (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Unef, UNL and FIDL) and in favour of a labour law commensurate with the... [read more... ]
Interview with Geoff Eley
What Produces Democracy?
By Geoff Eley, Aimilia Koukouma Petros-Iosif Stanganellis
Geoff Eley, Professor for Contemporary History at the University of Michigan, speaks of the crisis of hegemony and the crisis of representation, produced by the dislocations and de-legitimisations of the processes of capitalist restructuring and class recomposition. He also analyses the Left's... [read more... ]
“Aufbruch” Conference Report
Departing Towards a New Left in Austria?
By Barbara Steiner, Matthias Kötter
On 3 and 4 June, around 1000 people came together in Vienna for the “Aufbruch” (“departure”) conference, hoping to create a movement, that, however defined, could serve as a new umbrella of the Austrian left and as a challenge and alternative to the anti-social and right-leaning state of Austrian... [read more... ]
US Democratic primaries
The state of the race – and why Bernie Sanders is and should be staying in
By Matthias Kötter
Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee for US president in 2016, but he isn’t dropping out, for good reasons. [read more... ]
No pool, no minibar, no room service, and nonetheless:
The Best Hotel in Europe
The City Plaza is a hotel located in the heart of Athens. It was a symbol of the Greek crisis. For years it was closed because the owner could no longer pay out wages. Today, City Plaza is open again and fully occupied. The new guests come from around the world: from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and... [read more... ]
“A New Energy to Change Europe”
Presentation of our Energy eDossier at the European Parliament
By Maxime Benatouil
Under the auspices of MEP Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL), the transform! Working Group on Energy presented its latest publication to representatives of European progressive civil society and members of the European Parliament Committee on Industry, research and Energy (ITRE). Deployment of the energy... [read more... ]
2nd Sabir Festival of Mediterranean Culture // Pozzallo 2016
By Katerina Anastasiou, Maria Jaidopulu Vrijea Roberto Morea
The International Sabir Festival of Mediterranean Culture took place for the first time in Lampedusa in October 2014. The idea was to create a space that explores the potential social, economic and cultural dynamics around the Mediterranean, promotes a new identity for the region by combining local... [read more... ]
Report: International transform! Conference in Copenhagen 2016
"Red/Green Alternatives – Breaking with Growth and Neo-liberalism"
By Inger V. Johansen, Gitte Pedersen
Transform!Danmark organized its fifth international conference on 12 March in Copenhagen on developing left economic and ecological alternatives. [read more... ]
Publication out now!
Education seen through women's eyes
By Sonja Crivelli
In 2015, about fifty people from eleven European countries assembled in Prague to analyze, with an interdisciplinary approach from a class and gender point of view, the condition and formation of women in the educational systems in Europe. We can now present the outcome of the event, the online... [read more... ]
24 June 2016 – 24 June 2016
Industry 4.0 and the Consequences on Labour
The Fondazione Claudio Sabattini, Associazione Culturale Punto Rosso and transform! europe will hold a day of study and discussion devoted to the kick-off of the research project “Industry 4.0 and the consequences on labour”. Speakers will be members of trade unions, social and research... [read more... ]
07 July 2016 – 09 July 2016
State of Affairs in Europe
transform! europe and the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung invite political scientists and actors to debate the possibilities for common perspectives and action of the Left in Europe in a Berlin-Seminar under the title: “State of Affairs in Europe” in July. [read more... ]
20 July 2016 – 24 July 2016
Europe – Labour – Peace
11th Summer University of the European Left
Every year since 2005 activists, party members, and members of social movements from all over Europe and beyond meet for four days to jointly develop ideas for an alternative Europe. The Summer Universities are jointly organized by transform! europe and the Party of the European Left. [read more... ]
09 August 2016 – 14 August 2016
transform! at the WSF 2016
The World Social Forum (WSF) is an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for... [read more... ]
15 September 2016 – 17 September 2016
Call for Papers
22nd Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group
“The European Union: the Threat of Disintegration”. – This year’s EuroMemo Group conference will be jointly hosted with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. [read more... ]
30 September 2016 – 02 October 2016
‘Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda’
International Peace Bureau World Congress 2016
“The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded” (UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon). Given the omnipresent atmosphere of political confrontation and the worldwide armament, the International Peace Bureau (IPB) organizes the World Congress on global disarmament and military spending. [read more... ]
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