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Newsletter 06 July 2019

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Featured Article
Comment on the upcoming national election in Greece
What is at Stake on the 7th of July?
By Danai Koltsida
Greece is heading towards national elections on 7 July. What, as a result, will the future of Greece, the Greek working-class, and the left look like? – Much is at stake. [read more... ]
Talk by former MEP and GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer at the Vienna Seminar
Future Perspectives of the European Family of the Political Left
By Gabi Zimmer
Find here Gabi Zimmer's talk at the European seminar organised by transform! europe and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, 12-14 June 2019, reflecting the new political conditions in the aftermath of the European elections. [read more... ]
After the Defeat. New Challenges for the Radical Left after the European Elections.
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
In light of the far-reaching changes of power relations within the EU, the left requires new strategies. An analysis. [read more... ]
Demetris Christofias (1946-2019) – In Memoriam
By Yiannos Katsourides
Demetris Christofias passed away on 21 June 2019 at the age of 72. Christofias was the sixth president of the Republic of Cyprus (2008-2013), the first leftist to be elected at the highest office in Cyprus. Prior to that he was also the first communist president of the Cypriot House of... [read more... ]
Rosa Luxemburg: Utopian or Explorer?
By Walter Baier
Find here the second text of transform! europe's article series on Rosa Luxemburg on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her murder. [read more... ]
Can We Control the Digital Revolution?
By Roland Kulke
To understand the challenge the digital revolution poses to humanity, and hence to left and progressive actors, we must situate it in the wider political horizon of the current crisis of civilization. [read more... ]
Call for Solidarity
An Urgent Appeal to Support Progressive Media in Bulgaria!
transform! europe supports the call for solidarity of [read more... ]
10 July 2019 – 14 July 2019
Summer University 2019 of the European Left Party and transform! europe
Once a year the Party of the European Left and transform! europe organize the Summer University that gathers activists, members of parties and social movements for a multi-day debate on current political and social issues. This year's summeruni will take place in Fiuggi, Italy. [read more... ]
21 September 2019 – 24 September 2019
The World Transformed 2019
Supported by transform! europe, the political festival The World Transformed (TWT) aims to create dynamic spaces for debate and exchange between grassroot activists, politicians, community groups, unionists and interested persons to address social movement’s most pressing issues. [read more... ]
26 September 2019 – 28 September 2019
A Green New Deal for Europe – Opportunities and Challenges
25th Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe. [read more... ]
Constructing the Neoliberal Subject in the 'Cool' Capitalism of Central and Eastern Europe
By Veronika Sušová-Salminen
Neoliberalism is considered a key paradigm and a building block of post-communist transformation - but often approached linearly, as a transition from and to. However, such linearity ignores its hybrid and discontinuous representations in the very specific contexts of the diverse region of Central... [read more... ]
The Laughter of Medusa: The Left in Europe
By Lucía Bárcena Menéndez, Mario Candeias Giorgos Chondros Danai Koltsida Theodora Kotsaka Liliana Religa Renato Soeiro Angelina Giannopoulou
Contributions of the annual strategic seminar of transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [read more... ]
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