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Newsletter 06 July 2018

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Featured Article
The Variable Geometry of the Left
By Walter Baier
Despite moderate growth rates, the EU isn’t well. While the social disparities within and between the individual states continue to grow, it has opted for an increase of its military expenditures and tries to make up its obvious lack of internal cohesion with an ever more aggressive policy against... [read more... ]
A View of the Recent Unexpected Events in Spain
Ten Days That Changed Spain – Or How to Expel a Right-wing Government Through a No-Confidence Motion
By Marga Ferré
On 1 June, Pedro Sánchez, the Socialist Party’s (PSOE) General Secretary, who is not even a member of parliament, was proclaimed the new president of Spain after winning a no-confidence motion against the conservative Popular Party (PP) government of Mariano Rajoy. Ten days before nobody would have... [read more... ]
Slovenia’s parliamentary elections
An Increasingly Xenophobic Right, a Fragmented Centre and a Rising Left
By Nejc Slukan
The outcome of the recent Slovenian elections shows a fragmented political landscape, a worrying increase in support for right-wing populism and luckily, an electoral gain for the left’s Levica party that has strengthened its position and improved its manoeuvring space. [read more... ]
EU And East-Europeans. Czech Republic As An Example
From Love To Hate
By Viera Hudečková
An article by Viera Hudečková based on an intervention made at The International Conference “Another EU is necessary and possible” organised by the Party of the European Left on the 12th of May 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria. [read more... ]
An Internationalist Answer
Speech by Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, held at the Federal Party Congress in Leipzig, 9 June 2018, on the dispute on refugees and migration. [read more... ]
Report of the International transform! Conference in Copenhagen 17 March 2018
"Global and Institutional Crisis and Red-Green Alternatives"
By Inger V. Johansen, Gitte Pedersen
Transform!Danmark organized its seventh international conference on 17 March 2018 in Copenhagen on developing left economic and ecological alternatives and so continued the path of the 2015 to 2017 conferences to link red and green alternatives and bridge the gap between the two. [read more... ]
Workshop Report
Right Next Door
By Antoine de Cabanes
Which counterstrategies against the rise of the far-right at municipal level across Europe? [read more... ]
09 July 2018 – 11 July 2018
Strategy Seminar
‘The Laughter of Medusa: The Left in Europe’
The annual strategic seminar of transform! europe and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation focuses on the political actors of the radical left in Europe and their ability to provide programmatic and strategic answers to current challenges, to build alternatives and to further develop forms of political... [read more... ]
11 July 2018 – 15 July 2018
Final programme released
Summer University 2018 of the European Left Party and transform! europe
Once a year the European Left and transform! europe organize the Summer University that gathers activists, members of parties and social movements for a multi-day debate on current political and social issues. [read more... ]
05 October 2018 – 07 October 2018
3rd International Marxist Feminist Conference
Transforming our Lives. Transforming the World
Feminist scholarship has increasingly returned to focus on capitalism for an exploration of how gender regimes operate globally. Both scholarly work and activist knowledge production show a revitalization of the tradition of Marxist-Feminist thought through a critical dialogue with indigenous,... [read more... ]
Book release and free online reading
Historical Memory of Central and East European Communism
By Agnieszka Mrozik, Stanislav Holubec
We proudly present the book “Historical Memory of Central and East European Communism”, published by Routledge in the series “Routledge Studies in Cultural History”. [read more... ]
Solving Energy Poverty
By György Droppa, Attila Vajnai
Solving Energy Poverty could be one of the biggest achievements of the 21st century. Rising energy costs and falling household incomes make energy poverty a growing concern in the European Union. This means that approximately 11% of the population in the EU is not able to adequately heat or cool... [read more... ]
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