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Newsletter 13 June 2017

Our newsletter contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.

Featured Article
UK General Election
A Humiliating Defeat for the Conservative Leadership
By Patrícia Martins
Last week Theresa May went to the British electorate asking for an increased mandate to negotiate a hard Brexit. The country said No. [read more... ]
A new digital platform
Launching “Colours of a Journey”
By Katerina Anastasiou
A new cultural and memory project on migration was launched on 20 June. The platform was designed to collect and exhibit paintings and illustrations – or “stories” – of refugee and migrant children who are now living in different countries of Europe. [read more... ]
A New Journal of the Radical Left
Britain on the Way to Joining the transform! europe Network
By Patrícia Martins
The first issue of Britain’s new ‘Transform’ journal has been published and is receiving a great response: copies are flying off the shelves! Alongside its European counterparts our new journal aims to strengthen and develop the politics of the radical left – and this has never been more important... [read more... ]
Report: International Peace Conference
Peace Organisations Gathered in Brussels to Say No to NATO
By Alessandra Giannessi
The last NATO Summit, held in Brussels on 25 May, has been an important one. Presented as an opportunity to celebrate the long-awaited inauguration of the new headquarters in Brussels, two main topics have been discussed: the burden-sharing of military expenses and enhancing NATO’s focus on fighting... [read more... ]
Short Report
Left Forum in New York
By Barbara Steiner
The annual spring Left Forum took place 2-4 June and gathered about 3,000 different activists, academics and organisations of the US and international Left. transform! contributed with 3 workshops. [read more... ]
Conference Report
Which Way for the Left?
By Gavin Rae
The Polish left-wing think tank Naprzód (Forward) co-organised a day-conference with transform! to discuss the common challenges facing the Polish and European left. How can the left rebuild itself in a situation when politics is increasingly dominated by the conservative and neo-liberal right? [read more... ]
19 June 2017 – 20 June 2017
International Conference
Finding a New Path – Another Development for Europe
The conference aims at bringing together progressive social and political forces from across the continent to tackle the issues of a new industrial strategy for Europe. It is an initiative of transform! europe, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels office and Nicos Poulantzas Institute. [read more... ]
19 July 2017 – 23 July 2017
12th Summer University of the European Left
Every year since 2005 activists, party members, and members of social movements from all over Europe and beyond meet for four days to jointly develop ideas for an alternative Europe. The Summer Universities are jointly organized by transform! europe and the Party of the European Left. [read more... ]
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