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Newsletter 22 April 2013
Since December 2009 the transform! europe newsletter has been published regularly once a month. It contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.
Featured Article
Six More Weeks to the Alter Summit
A New Sort of Alliance for Another Europe
By Walter Baier
On 7-8 June the Alter Summit of the European peoples will be taking place at the Velodrome in Athens. An alliance of more than 150 organisations – including trade unions, social movements, NGOs and political actors – from all parts of Europe will present to the public a manifesto for the struggle... [read more... ]
Is Capitalism’s Social Contract under Collapse?
By Yiannos Katsourides
Cyprus is currently experiencing dramatic moments that are expected to subvert the entire network of social relations and daily life of our people. The recent agreement of the Cypriot government with Eurogroup overturns violently the main pillar of the capitalist structure; namely, the banking... [read more... ]
Can a General Strike Happen in Britain?
By Patrícia Martins
Serious discussions are now taking place in Britain about the possibility of a general strike. In the light of Britain’s historical experience – and legal restrictions – is this a viable demand? [read more... ]
The Bulgarian Winter of Protests
By Mariya Ivancheva
Over the past two months Bulgaria, the most passive country in the traditionally belligerent Balkans, has been shaken by protests. Since the beginning of February Bulgarians in most big cities have been out in the streets, protesting against the increased electricity and heating bills. After a few... [read more... ]
European Left Analyses the Situation in Hungary
Findings of “Social Watch” in Hungary
By Jiří Málek
The Party of the European Left organized a mapping of the social situation in various countries of member parties. In April it was Hungary – one of the so called post-communist countries. The author, living in Prague, took the opportunity to compare the Hungarian reality with the situation in the... [read more... ]
Network of Historians
Looking for the Red Thread in the Public History of Contemporary Europe
By Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez
On 24 March 2013, transform! europe organised a workshop with historians who collaborate with the member foundations of the network. The central question was how to elaborate critical approaches to the public usages of history and, more particular, vis-à-vis the creation of the House of European... [read more... ]
At the Heart of Social, Feminist, Cultural and Political Struggles
World Social Forum in Tunis
By Chantal Delmas
As we had expected, the WSF in Tunis was a great moment of solidarity with the people of Tunisia, two years after the Tunisian uprising against Ben Ali. It was also a great time to strengthen the democratic camp in the Arabian world. [read more... ]
Report International Conference in Copenhagen, 16 March
"Alternatives to Growth"
By Inger V. Johansen, Bente Hessellund Andersen Gitte Pedersen
This second international conference of Tranform!Danmark – the first one has been organized a year ago – confirmed that it was a right choice to promote a debate on alternatives to growth after the conference last year on “The Crisis in Europe – Left Alternatives.” [read more... ]
Call for Papers - Deadline extended
2nd International Congress Karl Marx
The conference taking place in Lisbon from 24 to 26 October 2013, is organised by Instituto de História Contemporânea da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Cul:tra, transform! europe and Unipop. The deadline for proposals (CfP) has been extended to 30 April. [read more... ]
Call for Papers
Momentum 2013, Track #10: “Europe – A Progress?”
In serious political discourse the idea of a united Europe can be taken for granted. At the same time the distance felt to “Brussels” is growing. A contradiction? What has remained of the promise of Europe? Who has benefited from the integration processes – and on whose costs and in whose interest?... [read more... ]
26 April 2013 – 27 April 2013
transform! europe Left Strategy Project
Seeking Political Hegemony
The seminar in the frame of transform!’s priority programme on Left Strategies deals with polarizing democracies and left parties at the crossroads of economic and political crisis. [read more... ]
26 April 2013 – 01 May 2013
The Workers’ and Punks’ University May Day School
Transition, Austerity and Primitive Accumulation – Left Answers
The May Day School is an annual workshop organised by the Workers’ and Punks’ University (WPU). The WPU is a collective of students, researchers and activists who organise series of public lectures, workshops and seminars on issues that are both theoretically crucial and politically urgent. [read more... ]
02 May 2013 – 05 May 2013
Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum (CESEF)
The CESEF is considered as a part of the WSF-process. Its importance lies in the fact that the common problems of the CEE region which have been marginalized up to now in the European Social Forum will be highlighted. The consequences of the semi-peripheral (or peripheral) situation of CEE will be... [read more... ]
03 May 2013 – 05 May 2013
RLF Bavaria and Kurt Eisner association are inviting
Eurocrisis Conference
At this conference, speakers from seven European countries discuss the reasons of the Eurocrisis and possible solutions. [read more... ]
04 May 2013 – 18 May 2013
6th Subversive Festival
The Utopia of Democracy
In May Zagreb will become the center of leftist thought and debate gathered around the theme “The Utopia of Democracy”. Featuring Oliver Stone, Alexis Tsipras, Álvaro García Linera, Aleida Guevara, Slavoj Žižek, Tariq Ali, Silvia Federici, Chantal Mouffe, Franco Berardi Bifo, Yanis Varoufakis,... [read more... ]
07 May 2013 – 09 May 2013
International Seminar
Rethinking Labour in an Age of Networks and Movements
Networked Labour seminar is supported by Networked Politics, transform! europe, Transnational Institute and IGOPNet. The objective is to enhance the ongoing debate on the relationship between the changing nature of capitalist mode of production, emerging new social forces and political actors, and... [read more... ]
03 July 2013 – 06 July 2013
European Left and transform! europe invite
8th Summer University 2013: “How to Change Europe?”
The 8th Summer University of the European Left Party and transform!europe will take place in Porto from 3 to 7 July. The first day will be organized by the EL Feminist Network (EL-FEM). July 7 is the day of departure. [read more... ]
New Book by Francine Mestrum
Building Another World: Re-thinking Social Protection
A proposal for a renewed concept of social protection, which is particularly important at the moment international organizations are starting to present their proposals for ‘social protection’. [read more... ]
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