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Newsletter 24 May 2019
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EP Elections From A Left Perspective
Visit our page for the transform! election monitoring project from a left perspective. [read more... ]
Surprise Election Results In The Netherlands
By Amieke Bouma
The social democratic PvdA has come out as the surprise winner of the EP elections in the Netherlands. The left Socialist Party looses its two seats and the Party for the Animals looses one seat. [read more... ]
The Manifesto For The Democratization Of Europe
Democratizing The European Union With A New Treaty: An Audacious Bet
By Antoine de Cabanes
As the European election approaches, it is noteworthy to acknowledge the almost non-existence of the issue of the current institutional design of the EU institutions in the public debate. [read more... ]
Presidential Elections in Slovakia
By Jiří, František Škvrnda
Zuzana Čaputová, the candidate of the non-parliamentary neoliberal party ‘Progressive Slovakia’, has won the second round of presidential elections with 58% of votes. Čaputová is the first woman to become president and, at age 45, is the youngest president in the history of Slovakia. [read more... ]
Desobedoc Film Festival 2019 Edition: When Politics and Culture Merge to Produce Something Beautiful
By Tatiana Moutinho
The Desobedoc – mostra de cinema insubmisso is an insubmissive documentary film show co-hosted by transform! europe and Bloco de Esquerda that started in Porto, in 2014. [read more... ]
Rosa Luxemburg’s Labour Movement Socialism
By Holger Politt
Find here the first text of transform! europe's article series on Rosa Luxemburg on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her murder. [read more... ]
10 July 2019 – 14 July 2019
Summer University 2019 of the European Left Party and transform! europe
Once a year the Party of the European Left and transform! europe organize the Summer University that gathers activists, members of parties and social movements for a multi-day debate on current political and social issues. This year's summeruni will take place in Fiuggi, Italy. [read more... ]
A Study on Extreme Right Parties and the EU Integration
"Europe of Nations"
By Nicolas Bechter
The EP elections brought a strengthening of extreme-right parties. This paper takes a closer look at the party manifestos for the elections to the European Parliament of five of those extreme-right parties by comparing their positions towards the EU, EU integration and „Europe“ in general. [read more... ]
Yearbook 2019
The Radical Left in Europe - Rediscovering Hope
The transform! yearbook 2019 examines current challenges for the left forces in several European countries, explores the lessons of super majority strikes and other recent organising experiences, and looks at the alternatives opened up in '68 - '69 in the West as well as the countries of state... [read more... ]
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