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Newsletter 09 May 2018

transform! europe is launching a special Focus on its website upon the dialogue of the European left forces and actors under the title The European Left: One Mouth, Many Voices”.

One year before the European Elections, is still not clear how the left and progressive forces will run and campaign. Many developments can change the course of the European left during the following months. Political upheavals may turn upside down the various strategies and convergences may pop up.

transform! europe wishes to contribute to a strategy that will unite the left, not only for the sake of the unity, but for the sake of the European people’s interests and the fight against the Far Right that gains more ground with each passing day.

The new Focus opens with the study “The Party of the European Left, DiEM25 and the Transnational Campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon towards the European Elections in 2019” which you find below.

Featured Article
transform! Study
The Party of the European Left, DiEM25 and the Transnational Campaign of Jean-Luc Mélenchon towards the European Elections in 2019
By Angelina Giannopoulou
A study prepared for transform europe! by Angelina Giannopoulou, Facilitator of the European Integration and the Left Strategy programme. [read more... ]
A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of neoliberal deregulation, privatisation and competition
The French Case: Macron vs. Railway Unions
By Antoine de Cabanes
Emmanuel Macron is confronted with the strongest social mobilisations in France since his election. Even though these mobilisations are heterogeneous and gather a large variety of struggles, they were originally triggered by Macron’s rail reform which embodies the President’s harsh neoliberal... [read more... ]
General elections in Italy
Rebuilding the Left That We Need for Our Time
By Luciana Castellina
We all expected that the 4th March elections would not go well for the left. But, nobody expected it to take such a hit. [read more... ]
Putin Again: Election Results and the Agenda for the Fourth Presidency
By Veronika Sušová-Salminen
The plebiscite about Vladimir Putin and his course was endorsed by the election. However, it is clear that Putin must address a series of problems in his fourth presidential term from 2018-2024. [read more... ]
Workshop Report
2018 Kick-Off Event for the “Productive Transformation” Project
By Roland Kulke
On 27-28 April 2018, transform! europe's “Productive Transformation” Working Group organised a workshop to reflect its past efforts and what we should concentrate on in the future. [read more... ]
‘Left Wing Non-Voters in Poland’
The Polish left-wing think tank Fundacja Naprzód (Forward Foundation) has published with a financial support of transform! europe a report on the topic of of left-wing non-voters in Poland. [read more... ]
We mourn for
Elmar Altvater (24 August 1938 - 1 May 2018)
By Alex Demirović
Today we mourn the loss of Elmar Altvater – discussion partner, scholarly researcher and teacher, political comrade and friend. [read more... ]
15 May 2018 – 16 May 2018
Visual Memories of Migration – Colours of a Journey as a Counter-narrative to Europe’s Refugee Crisis
The workshop – formed around the “Colours of Journey” platform – hopes to strengthen a dialogue between researchers and practitioners who work with children on the move and on questions of migration and mobility, visuality and memory. [read more... ]
23 May 2018 – 24 May 2018
GUE/NGL Trade Union conference in cooperation with TUNE
Challenges for the Future of Work
[read more... ]
11 July 2018 – 15 July 2018
Final programme released
Summer University 2018 of the European Left Party and transform! europe
Once a year the European Left and transform! europe organize the Summer University that gathers activists, members of parties and social movements for a multi-day debate on current political and social issues. [read more... ]
01 September 2018 – 08 September 2018
«Europe as a Common: Let us start thinking about it!»
Summer School of Dialogue between Christians and Marxists
The focus of the upcoming Summer School 2018 in Syros, Greece will be – in keeping with our motto ‘See – Judge – Act’ – on exchanging Marxist and Christian positions on crucial social issues, like democracy, Europe, common goods, and dialogue. [read more... ]
27 September 2018 – 29 September 2018
Call for Papers and Participation (Deadline: 15 May)
24th Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group
This year’s conference is dedicated to the theme: “10 years into the crisis – What prospects for a popular political economy in Europe?” It will be jointly hosted with the University of Helsinki. [read more... ]
02 October 2018 – 06 October 2018
International Conference on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Marx
‘Thinking with Marx Today’
On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, followers, detractors, and those who remain neutral agree that Marx has been the most influential political and social thinker of all time. [read more... ]
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