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Newsletter 21 April 2016

Our newsletter contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.

Featured Article
French unions in the face of the labour law and a citizens’ labour movement
By Verveine Angeli
When it launched its umpteenth reform, the French government was counting on a trade union movement weakened by in-fighting and defeats, on pensions in particular. [read more... ]
Rising up Together
By Nina Léger
Nina Léger, French Communist Party activist, reports in detail on the #NuitDebout movement initiated in France. [read more... ]
Marxist-Christian Symposium on Common Challenges in Europe
By Michael Löwy
The election of Pope Francis obviously created a new climate for the relations between the Church and the European Left. At the meeting in September 2014 between the Pope, Alexis Tsipras and Walter Baier, the principle was adopted of beginning a new process of dialogue between Catholics and... [read more... ]
The refugee drama: a call for a change of course in Europe and in Germany
Over 70 German intellectuals, leading trade union officers and prominent politicians of SPD, Green Party and The Left have published an appeal which takes the ongoing refugee crisis as a reason for the call for a radical change of course in European and German policies. [read more... ]
‘Europe has to change course’
Prime Ministers of Greece and Portugal signed a joint declaration
On 11 April Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece and Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal met in Athens to discuss the political and economic challenges facing Europe and their respective countries, as well as the need for forming a progressive front and promoting alternative policies to... [read more... ]
Brief analysis of new trends in Croatia
Right-wing radicalism from above
By Rade Dragojević
As things now stand, the new Croatian government is clearly demonstrating the intention of following most negative European political trends. These trends can be observed, for example, in Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine. Three months ago, a coalition of right wing parties came into power. [read more... ]
Slovak parliamentary elections
Darkness at the End of the Tunnel
By Michal Frič
An analysis of the outcome of the 2016 Slovak parliamentary elections. What were the expectations beforehand, what actually happened and what does this mean for the Slovak and European left? [read more... ]
Call for Papers
Second International Congress of Marxism-Feminism
“Building Bridges – shifting and strengthening visions – exploring alternatives”. Vienna, 7-9 October 2016. [read more... ]
Report Athens Conference, 18-20 March 2016
“Alliance for Democracy and against Austerity in Europe”
By Angelina Giannopoulou
For three days comrades from the European left, the greens, and the left tendencies of the social democracy, from the European trade unions, as well as intellectuals and academics were discussing the great challenges that the progressive and radical voices in Europe are facing. [read more... ]
Production and Commons Workshop
By Roberto Morea
Activists and social researchers from across Europe discussed concrete ways to overcome the capitalist organization of production through commoning and factory workers’ self-management. [read more... ]
“Democracy in Europe” – Short report
DiEM25 in Rome with Yanis Varoufakis
By Lorenzo Marsili
Last 23 March, European Alternatives and DiEM25 organised “Democracy in Europe”, a large-scale event that brought together in Rome hundreds of Europeans claiming a different path for the current model of Europe. [read more... ]
Report: GNU founder Richard Stallman in Athens
Copyright versus Community
By Theodora Kotsaka
As a continuation of NPI’s research work on ‘commons’, an open event was organized in Athens on 11 April in cooperation with transform! europe. The speech was given by Dr. Richard Stallman under the title ‘Copyright vs. Community’. [read more... ]
05 May 2016
DiEM25 takes on Europe’s failed response to the inflow of migrants and refugees
DiEM25 chooses Vienna as the hotspot where European democrats will meet to address: The EU’s shameful response to the refugee crisis; How a humanitarian emergency became symptomatic of Europe’s loss of integrity. [read more... ]
Commons eBook #1
Socialisation and Commons in Europe
We present our first transform! eBook, which deals with the promising topic of the Commons. It is a reiteration of the essential discussions held during a European seminar in Paris in November 2014. You can download the eBook in EPUB (for eBook readers) and PDF format (for printing and everything... [read more... ]
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