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Newsletter 22 March 2018

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Featured Article
‘Keep Rosa Luxemburg’s Birthplace Plaque!’
We the undersigned protest against the removal of a plaque commemorating the birthplace of Rosa Luxemburg in the Polish city of Zamość. We demand that the local government authorities in Zamość return the plaque to its rightful place. [read more... ]
The new German Government
Merkel, Round Four! First Reflections
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
This appears to be the continuation of the outgoing Grand Coalition, and yet things are not quite the same. Never before has it taken a year to form a German Federal Government. What had happened? [read more... ]
Italy After the 2018 Elections
Fear, Loathing and Poverty
By Mario Pianta
The post-election map of Italy has two main traits: fear and poverty. Northern and Central regions have gone to a Centre-right coalition where the leader is not anymore Forza Italia’s Silvio Berlusconi but League’s Matteo Salvini, who dropped its previous ‘Lega Nord’ emphasis to turn it into a... [read more... ]
The Breakdown of the Political Framework
By Roberto Morea
The results of the Italian general elections which took place on 4 March seem to confirm the breakdown of the previous political framework, which had already occurred in other countries such as Spain, France and partly also in Germany. [read more... ]
Call for Communications
‘Thinking with Marx Today’
An International Conference on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Karl Marx will take place in Madrid, 4-6 October 2018. Please send proposals for communications by 1 May. [read more... ]
The International Women’s Strike in Spain
We Stopped, and so Did the World
By Clara Alonso
The feminist strike of 8 March was a triumph. It reached a level of social debate unimaginable even months before. [read more... ]
Seminar Report
“Navigating the Left’s Strategies vis-à-vis Europe in Times of Multiple Crises”
By Angelina Giannopoulou
This seminar is one of the cornerstones of the strong and stable cooperation between transform! europe and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and takes place every year aiming to tackle crucial strategic question for the European left forces and the radical left strategy towards the European Integration.... [read more... ]
Europe's Left on the 100th Anniversary of Polish Independence
Self-Determination and the Future of Europe
The hundredth anniversary of Poland gaining independence raises many emotions. Over the past two years the right-wing discourse, including on historical and contemporary issues, as well as the future of Poland in a Europe in crisis, has dominated in Poland. [read more... ]
The Espionage Debacle – An Obstruction to Women Right’s in the Middle East
By Nadine Elali
On International Women’s Day, there’s a great deal that one should say. As women, certainly, this is a time for reflection on the progress our social movements have made, and on their capacity to contribute to political change. [read more... ]
We mourn for
Javier Navascués (1957-2018)
“Comunista y enamorao de la vida, o al revés” / “Communist and in love with life, or the other way around” (the way he presented himself in his facebook page). [read more... ]
11 July 2018 – 15 July 2018
Final programme released
Summer University 2018 of the European Left Party and transform! europe
Once a year the European Left and transform! europe organize the Summer University that gathers activists, members of parties and social movements for a multi-day debate on current political and social issues. [read more... ]
transform! Yearbook 2018
Integration – Disintegration – Nationalism
In 2017 the cohesion of the European Union has come under threat as never before. Populist-right anti-European parties have either entered governments or come close to doing so. The Brexit process is going forward, and the integrity of some states is being threatened by secessionist movements. [read more... ]
Printed booklets now available
EuroMemo 2018
As in past years, transform! europe has taken on the responsibility for the production of the printed versions of EuroMemorandum in English, French, German, and Greek. [read more... ]
For a New Approach to Migration
By Marie-Christine Vergiat
There is a need to construct a new narrative for the issue of migration in order to move away from the populist and right-wing discourse which is being spread across Europe, by placing migration in its correct historical and geographical context so as to remove the negative portrayal of migration... [read more... ]
The 2017 Czech Parliamentary Elections – A Bitter Result for the Left
By Jiří, Jiří Dolejš Apolena Rychlíková
The Czech left has been experiencing the biggest slump in its history since 1918. It will need time to revive itself and find a way to avoid a slide to the extreme-right rhetoric. [read more... ]
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