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Newsletter 07 March 2016

Our newsletter contains information about the activities of our network, its members and observing members and about important initiatives of social movements we are taking part in.

Featured Article
European Intellectuals Call for Solidarity with Refugees
An appeal launched intellectuals in solidarity with the refugees. [read more... ]
On the Conferences in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and Athens
Europe’s Left on its Way to Readjusting its European Strategy
By Walter Baier
The neoliberal model has failed. In order to counteract the current destructive tendencies of Europe’s governing elite, various conferences and meetings have been organised by forces of the Left in order to find a common strategy. These events are taking place all over Europe and raise hopes for... [read more... ]
Collective transform! Statement
Tracing an Alternative Plan for Europe
A Comradely Debate without Taboos is Necessary! – Statement signed by representatives of transform! europe. [read more... ]
The Greek Government’s Parallel Program
By Stavros Panagiotidis
In the elections held last September, voters accepted SYRIZA’s new position, which was based on two axes: the application of the agreement signed under the Troika’s blackmail, combined with ongoing attempts to reduce its negative consequences, and the construction of a Parallel Program – a series of... [read more... ]
Report “Plan B Conference”
Madrid Conference for Democratic Rebellion
By Amelia Martínez Lobo
More than 1,500 people from Spain, France, Greece, Italy, UK, and Germany, among others, participated at the “Plan B” Conference from 19-21 February in Madrid, in debates about the policies of the European Union and the alternatives of the European organizations of the left in order to change the... [read more... ]
National Capitalism and the Dilemmas of the Polish Left
By Gavin Rae
Over the past few months Europe’s eyes have been on Poland. Most of the attention has been on the political changes introduced by PiS, but less concern has been paid to the economic programme of the new government. [read more... ]
Zagreb meeting on asylum policies
Securitization “from above”, Solidarity “from below”
By Babis Christakopoulos, Maria Jaidopulu Vrijea
What are the political problems, demands and arguments in relation to the migration and asylum policy crisis and the refugee/ solidarity movement? Some thoughts and a report of a movement's meeting. [read more... ]
Farewell Address
Elisabeth Gauthier – Frenchwoman, Austrian, European, and Citizen of the World
By Walter Baier
On 9 February Elisabeth Gauthier passed away after a brief but difficult illness. She was a founding member and the director of Espaces Marx, a member of the French Communist Party’s National Committee, and a founder and member of the Managing Board of transform! europe. Below the farewell speech... [read more... ]
11 March 2016 – 12 March 2016
transform! Seminar
Production and Commons
This seminar follows the one which took place in Paris on 7-9 November 2014, called “Socialization and Commons in Europe – How to build an Alternative Project?” (see here). Commons is determined by the wish of stakeholders to govern a resource together, a principle which contests property rights on... [read more... ]
12 March 2016
International transform! Conference
“Red/Green Alternatives – Breaking with Growth and Neoliberalism”
This is the fifth international conference organized by the Transform!Danmark network, continuing its work to help develop left alternatives in the economic and ecological field. [read more... ]
17 March 2016
International Workshop
Kick-Off of the transform! Programme on Productive Transformation
It is no secret that the Eurozone’s economy is stagnant – according to Eurostat the 19-member Eurozone grew by 0.3 per cent in the third quarter of 2015, while the average unemployment rate remains above 10 per cent, with striking inequalities between countries. The only European response so far has... [read more... ]
18 March 2016 – 20 March 2016
International Conference
Building Alliances to Fight Austerity and Reclaim Democracy in Europe
SYRIZA, the Party of the European Left, Nicos Poulantzas Institute and transform! europe co-organise a big conference in Athens. It aims on the one hand, to analyse some of the major problems the EU and its member states are facing today and on the other, to contribute in establishing broad... [read more... ]
Printed version now available
EuroMemo 2016
As in past years, transform! europe has taken on the responsibility for the production of the printed versions of EuroMemorandum in English, French, and German. [read more... ]
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