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Newsletter 10 December 2015
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Featured Article
French Regional Elections: First Observations
By Elisabeth Gauthier
The results of the first round of regional elections confirm the gravity of the political situation in the country. Following on from the European election, the Front National (FN) is building on its position as a leading political party, with a majority that will amount to some 30% following the... [read more... ]
Stop the Coup: Collective Labour Agreements Now!
A citizens' initiative to fight for the effective restoration of collective agreements in Greece. The text stands as a solidarity call to all the peoples of Europe. [read more... ]
Protest Against the Five Presidents' Plan
By Christian Pilichowski
Following the diktats handed down by the troika, a directoire [1] consisting of five presidents of separate European structures is proposing to roll out the same financial and social measures imposed upon the Greek people across all the countries of the Eurozone. The opposition is already... [read more... ]
SYRIZA Note on the Situation of Non-performing Mortgages
Documentation on the outcome of the recent negotiation of the SYRIZA government with the creditors about the protection of primary residence from foreclosures by the banks. [read more... ]
"We all have a choice: let's declare a state of solidarity and oppose a culture of fear!"
State Of Solidarity
While the European continent declares a state of emergency, activists around Europe call out the #stateofsolidarity. [read more... ]
Open The Doors, No To Walls
By Raffaella Bolini
After the Paris attacks, Europe is closing its borders. The volunteers of the Balkans migrants route react by proposing a European day of action on 18 December to "open the doors". [read more... ]
European Network of Migrant Women's Position Paper
Gender-Based Violence Against Refugee & Migrant Women
According to UNHCR in the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the highest number of refugees since the Second World War. An increasing number of them are women fleeing war-torn regions. [read more... ]
Red-Green Alliance
On the Result of the Referendum in Denmark
On 3 December the Danes voted “No” to ending Denmark's opt-out on the EU’s justice and home affairs rules. Enhedslisten - the Red-Green Alliance are very happy about the result, which we see as a “No” to less democracy and less legal certainty – but not a “No” to international cooperation. [read more... ]
Seminar report
Historical Memory Of Central And East European Communism
By Dagmar Švendová
The Prague conference on Nov 14-15, on the Historical memory of Central and East European Communism organised by SOK (Association for Left Theory), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and SPED (The Society for European Dialogue) - member organisation of transform! europe - was without a doubt event worth... [read more... ]
Call for Papers
marx2016: To Change a Changed World
The Marx Conference in Stockholm 2013 was a huge success with more than 2.000 participants and contributors, such as John Bellamy Foster and Michael Heinrich. The conference centred on how Marxist theories can help our understanding of the contemporary era. [read more... ]
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