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Newsletter 13 February 2019

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Featured Article
Petition Against Interfering in Venezuela
[read more... ]
Greece: Back On Track After 10 Years
By Danai Koltsida
On August 21st 2018 the third and last Greek memorandum came to its agreed end. Today, a full account of the political and economic developments during the past six months proves that the end of the memoranda era was not only of symbolic but also of important practical value, bringing Greece back on... [read more... ]
How Can We Win? Popular Classes As a Key Factor In The Struggle Against the Deportation Of Asylum Seekers In Israel
By Dov Khenin, Uri Weltmann
In his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx analyses the rise of a reactionary demagogue as an expression of the sharpening of social contradictions in mid 19th-century France. As in present times, conservative tendencies within the popular classes have played a key instrumental role there.... [read more... ]
Report on the Anti-Government Demonstrations in Austria
'It's Thursday Again'
By Kurto Wendt
When on October 4th, 2018 a group of political friends announced a demonstration under the title 'It's Thursday again', nobody would have guessed that this would mark the beginning of an outstanding series of protests against the Austrian right-wing extremist government. [read more... ]
The Struggle Goes On
By Arlind Qori
On the development and current situation of the powerful students' protests in Albania. [read more... ]
Social-Economic Situation in Ukraine: Gender Perspective
By Daria Popova
In this article, I shortly review the social-economic situation in Ukraine from the perspective of women and other vulnerable groups touching upon the issues of the structural adjustment policies, the armed conflict and the increase of the far-right violence. [read more... ]
Conference Report
China and Central Europe – As the Left Sees It
By Jiří Hudeček, Jiří
Information on the proceedings and results of the international conference 'China and Central Europe. Political, Economic and Geopolitical Consequences - Standpoint of the Left', organised by the transform! europe member organisation SPED (Society for European Dialogue) with significant support from... [read more... ]
Conference Report
Building Bridges. Neighbourhood Central Europe?
By Tamara Ehs
To mark the 100th anniversary of the Austrian Republic, transform! europe and the Jahoda-Bauer Institute held a conference about the prospects for a common strategy for the Danube region and Central Europe. The event was supported financially by the Republic of Austria’s Fund for the Future and the... [read more... ]
Call for Applications (Deadline: 1. April 2019)
Jörg-Huffschmid-Award 2019
In memoriam of the scientific work and the political engagement of the critical economist Joerg Huffschmid the call for the award that is named after him is now announced for the 5th time, awarding outstanding works in the field of Political Economy. [read more... ]
15 February 2019 – 17 February 2019
The Middle East at Historical Crossroads
Already for the third time, transform! europe organises the Symposium "The Middle East at historical Crossroads", which will be taking place in our offices in Vienna, from the 15th to 17th of February. [read more... ]
02 March 2019 – 02 March 2019
European Conference
¡No Pasaran! Confronting the Rise of the Far-Right
Transform! UK supports the european conference on the rise of far-right, bringing together left and progressive forces from across Europe and beyond: to work together, to promote viable political alternatives and coordinate an effective response. [read more... ]
09 March 2019 – 10 March 2019
International Conference
The Left in Europe in the Populist’ Times
2019 will be a decisive year for the fate of Europe and therefore for the world balance. In the upcoming European Elections, nationalist and populist rights could take in their hands the EU to make it a purely liberal and even a nationalist subject. transform! europe supports this international... [read more... ]
08 March 2019 – 10 March 2019
The Universal Basic Income as an Emancipatory Way Out of Capitalism
transform! europe supports the symposium on this controversially discussed topic. The universal basic income is gaining more and more public interest. For some it is a panacea, for others the final excess of neoliberalism, for more and more people an important milestone on the way to a free and... [read more... ]
16 March 2019 – 16 March 2019
International Conference
Confronting Climate Change – Red-Green Transformation in Europe and Globally
The climate crisis calls for action. There is a focus on individual solutions, but we are in dire need of common ambitious political solutions to make a difference. Therefore, transform! europe supports this international conference which will seek to contribute to the current debate connected with... [read more... ]
Trade and Investment
By Lucía Bárcena Menéndez, Pablo Sánchez Centellas
Since trade and investment policies are of immense importance for our lives and political work transform! europe offers you this brochure on trade policy. [read more... ]
The Ambivalent Dimensions of Russo-Chinese Relations in the Post-Soviet Space
By Veronika Sušová-Salminen
After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, relations between Russia and China have undergone a transformation. Over the past 25 years, the two countries that have been rivals for centuries, have been able to find compromise, and, today, even forming a strategic partnership - with major consequences... [read more... ]
Trends in International, Foreign Policy Positions within the GUE/NGL 2008 – 2014
By Ines Mahmoud
With increased internationalism of the right-winged political spectrum in Europe being on the rise, the question of internationalism of the European left is becoming more present in the past years. A nativist versus internationalist debate defines contemporary politics. [read more... ]
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