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Newsletter 02 February 2017

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Featured Article
Report on the transform! Vienna Symposium
‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’
By Katerina Anastasiou
The Vienna Symposium entitled ‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’ took place at the Vienna premises of transform! europe, only days after the UN resolution of 23 December 2016* was passed which condemned the continuation of Israel’s settlement activities. With this symposium, we kicked off a... [read more... ]
Concluding remarks at the transform! Middle East Symposium (14-16 January)
There Still Remains Hope for the Middle East
By Walter Baier
Finding a just and sustainable solution for the Middle East means contributing immensely to peace and security for Europe, without which welfare and democracy in Europe will not be secured. Europe’s left has to assume its responsibility, also in its own interest. [read more... ]
Seminar report
‘Europe – what's left?’
By Roberto Morea
A seminar in Rome provided space for discussing the numerous crises in Europe and their potential solutions. While the participants did not share all points of analysis put forward, they agreed on the need to break free of the existing framework and the necessity for a reinvention of the left on our... [read more... ]
Videos and Audiofiles online!
Marxism-Feminism Conference “Building Bridges”
The videos and audiofiles of the panels of the Marxist-Feminist conference “Building Bridges – shifting and strengthening visions – exploring alternatives“ in Vienna last October are now available. [read more... ]
10th Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture with Nancy Fraser
By Thanasis Lagios
Nancy Fraser, Professor of Philosophy and Politics at the New School for Social Research of New York gave the keynote entitled the “Crisis of Care? On the Social Reproductive Contradictions of Financialized Capitalism” at the 10th Annual Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture. [read more... ]
18 March 2017
International transform! Conference
‘Building Red-Green Alternatives: Can Commons challenge Neoliberalism from below?’
This is the sixth international conference organized by the Transform!Danmark network, continuing its work to help develop left alternatives in the economic and ecological field. [read more... ]
The Law and Justice Party and Poland’s Turn to the Right
By Czesław Kulesza, Gavin Rae
It has been over a year since the conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) took over complete governmental control in Poland. The presidential election won by Andrzej Duda in May 2015 and the victory of PiS five months later, gave party’s leader Jarosław Kaczyński almost total control of the state. [read more... ]
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