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Newsletter 20 January 2016

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Featured Article
About the Radical Right
Reactionary Rebellion
By Walter Baier
When, in an unanticipated turn of events, Jörg Haider took over the leadership of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) in 1986 (at the time the party was part of a coalition government alongside the SPÖ (Socialist Party of Austria)), the party barely won 5 percent of the vote. [read more... ]
The #WarOnKurds and Academics for Peace
Academics in Turkey and abroad have condemned the Turkish campaign in the Kurdish provinces. The state's reaction has been undemocratic and worrisome. [read more... ]
Campaign against sexualised violence and racism
#ausnahmslos | #noexcuses
Petition against sexualised violence and racism, launched by feminist bloggers, authors and activists from Germany after attacks against women in Cologne on New Years eve [read more... ]
Statement of Refugee and Migrant Communities
We need to talk about Cologne
Following the events that took place in Germany lately, the Greek Forum of Refugees in cooperation with ECRE and the Greek Forum of Migrants prepared a statement the following statement which we support. [read more... ]
Language Matters
By Matthias Kötter
How we can be more conscious of our language on refugees and migration. [read more... ]
The Fidesz Recipe
By György Droppa
Fidesz is not a ground-up movement or the product of a specific political theory or philosophy. Instead, Fidesz is a precision-engineered religion – a power-center controlled by the government and the head of the church. [read more... ]
The Liberal Roots of Conservatism
By Gavin Rae
Almost every article in the Western media, covering the recent developments in Poland, have followed the same script. How is it possible, they ask, that the supposed success story of the post-Communist transition has diverted from the political and economic road that has served them so well? [read more... ]
Ηomosexual relationships are legally recognized in Greece
With 194 votes in favor the Greek parliament has finally given the green light for homosexual couples to enter into a civil union partnership. Following a marathon debate, the body of the Greek parliament affirmed the relevant decree making it a formal law of the state. [read more... ]
Cinema Release
PROJEKT A - A Journey to Anarchist Projects in Europe
We recommend an interesting film project, "PROJEKT A", a documentary about anarchist projects in Europe, which has its premiere at the Volksbühne in Berlin on 2nd February and its theatrical release in Germany on 4th February. [read more... ]
TalkReal Videodebate in Vienna
Towards a Plan ‘D’ for Democracy in Europe
In this video of European Alternatives’ ‘TalkReal’ series the debate is on how to go beyond the pessimism that has taken over our contemporary political climate. [read more... ]
Action Plan
Against Austerity and the Leadership of the Financial Markets
Did we try everything to get out of the economic and social crisis in Europe? We present an Action Plan by the European Left's Alliance Against Austerity. [read more... ]
26 January 2016 – 27 January 2016
International Conference
The European Union, Turkey and the Kurds
12th International Conference in the European Parliament on the European Union, Turkey and the Kurds. High ranking patrons, experts and politicians on the old crisis and new solutions. [read more... ]
28 January 2016 – 30 January 2016
International and Interdisciplinary Conference
Thinking Emancipation
transform! participates in the "International and Interdisciplinary Conference - Thinking Emancipation" of the Free University of Brussels (ULB). [read more... ]
English edition
transform! yearbook 2016: "The Enigma of Europe"
2015 was a year in which the limits of what could be achieved within the European Union's neoliberal architecture and current balance of forces have been tested as never before. [read more... ]
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