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Newsletter 03 December 2015
On occasion of the COP21 in Paris and the alternative Climate Forum activities in Montreuil, we publish this special edition of our newsletter.

Due to urgency, as the activities already start, we send it to all our subscribers in English.
Featured Article
Statement of the transform! Managing Board
“System Change, Not Climate Change”
The United Nations Conference on Climate (COP 21) is taking place in Paris. But while the situation is grim, international climate justice and social movements, citizens’ organisations and trade unions are determined to remain united in the Climate 21 Coalition. [read more... ]
Press release of Coalition Climat 21
The Civil Society United in Solidarity and Still Mobilised for the Climate
The Coalition Climat 21 and all the organisations which are part of it express their solidarity with the victims of the attacks of 12 November in Beirut and those of 13 November in Paris, as well as their families and friends. The world which we have always defended is not that one. The world which... [read more... ]
Background of the climate negotiations in Paris
By Asbjørn Wahl
On 30 November the 21st UN Climate Change Summit (COP21) started in Paris. All the way since the Rio Conference in 1992, the aim of these summits has been to agree on policies which can stop global warming and prevent climate catastrophe. [read more... ]
Climate change is set to become the biggest driver of future migration
By Fred Schmid
200 million people will be forced to flee their homes over the next 30 years if climate change continues at the same pace. [read more... ]
Paying climate debts for global climate justice
By Helmut Selinger
The issue of worldwide climate injustice has been high on the agenda of the global climate movement for several years. This injustice stems from the fact that many countries of the Global South are suffering the worst effects of anthropogenic climate change even though they themselves played a very... [read more... ]
Resolution of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA
Climate change and the Paris Conference (COP21)
Climate change is not just one of the biggest problems facing peoples and governments. Due to the global nature of its causes and consequences, it constitutes at the same time a challenge asking for a transformation of the existing political, economic and social order of the planet. The Conference... [read more... ]
05 December 2015 – 06 December 2015
transform! at the Citizen Summit for the Climate
transform! is glad to present the final programme of the Citizen Summit for the Climate to be held in Montreuil (adjoining city of Paris) on the forthcoming weekend. [read more... ]
08 December 2015
Network meeting of Left-ecological Politicians
Dear colleagues and friends, The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels, transform! europe and Espace Marx cordially invite you to a network meeting of left-ecological politicians on the occasion of the COP21 in Paris. With this meeting we would like to provide room for informal exchange and discuss how... [read more... ]
Forthcoming: e-book
“A New Energy to Change Europe”
By Maxime Benatouil
In the aftermath of the kick-off workshop of the transform! / Akademia Working Group on Energy, the diversity and the richness of the contributions led us to compile them into an e-book. It does not pretend to be exhaustive, but rather to nourish the necessary diversity of the on-going discussions... [read more... ]
Seminar report and book launch
Ecosocialism, Climate Change and Left Politics
By Minna Sumelius
Climate change is the most serious and acute threat currently faced by humanity. What is the left approach to the issue? Different aspects of ecosocialism were discussed in the international seminar “The Climate Change and Left Politics”, hold in Helsinki on 24 October. The seminar also functioned... [read more... ]
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