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Newsletter 15 October 2015
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Featured Article
Politics against fear. Notes on an electoral process
By Hugo Monteiro
The 10.2% Left Block (BE) election score, more than doubling its parliamentary representation, reveals a partial overlap of tactical voting, the other face of depoliticized fear that importantly needs overcoming. [read more... ]
Vienna City Council Elections
Far-right Party Gains Almost One Third of the Vote
By Mirko Messner
The Social Democrat Party was slightly weakened but not defeated. The far-right Freedom Party won almost one third of the vote, making it the city’s second most powerful party. The left-wing alliance saw a slight improvement in its results at ward level. [read more... ]
‘Wien Anders’ and the Viennese Parliament: Comparisons with Podemos
By Pablo Torija
‘Wien Anders’, a left-leaning alliance of Austrian parties inspired by the new European Left, aspired to get into the Viennese Parliament. Can their experience be compared to that of Podemos? [read more... ]
Parliamentary election
What happened in Catalonia on 27 September?
By Toni Salado
Social and democratic issues were completely overshadowed by the yes/no polarisation of the Catalan independence debate in the recent elections. Now, the Catalan political system is in deadlock until Catalonia and a Spanish government that is more open to political dialogue on the matter can arrive... [read more... ]
After the September Elections
What Now for Greece?
By Elisabeth Gauthier
The task in this election was to get a clear mandate from the voters to form a solid parliamentary majority and a battle-ready government that can deploy all possible levers for ameliorating Greece’s negotiating position, reject the most unacceptable dictates, relaunch the economy and work towards... [read more... ]
A Victory for the Left in Britain
By Patrícia Martins
The victory of Jeremy Corbyn, elected as leader of the Labour Party, has shattered the austerity consensus that has dominated British politics for the last five years – and the neo-liberal consensus of the last two decades or more. [read more... ]
Report on Alternatiba Festival and Coalition Climate 21 Meeting
“System Change, Not Climate Change” – Citizens’ Voices and COP21
By Maxime Benatouil
As the United Nations Conference on Climate (COP21) approaches, citizens’ organisations and social movements around the world are determined not to let the heads of states and governments make decisions behind closed doors on issues that affect us all without having a say. Two events were recently... [read more... ]
Europe does not have a ‘migration problem’: it has a xenophobia problem
By Marco Siddi
This year, Europe has experienced a growing influx of people who are fleeing from civil wars and failed states. According to the International Organization for Migration, approximately 350,000 people arrived in Europe by sea between January and August 2015 (compared to 219,000 for the whole of... [read more... ]
Open Borders Caravan
Solidarity has no borders
By Katerina Anastasiou, Efi Papapavlou
A caravan of hope, solidarity and humanity against Fortress Europe. [read more... ]
Refugee crisis and Hungary
By Matyas Benyik
Before the current refugee crisis Hungary’s immigration policy focused on the fight against illegal migration, but an explicit overall migration strategy was blatantly lacking. [read more... ]
Call for tenders
Left-wing industrial policy
The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels office, calls for tenders for a study: “What room for manoeuvre does the current legal framework within the EU offer for a left-wing industrial policy? [read more... ]
Members’ meeting # 2015
transform! europe Defines Strategies and Work Programme
By Walter Baier
On 15 and 16 September transform! europe held its members’ meeting in Barcelona. In the course of this annual gathering, programmes, projects and the network’s budget are decided upon. The evaluation of political developments in Greece, Europe and the EU which have taken place since last autumn’s... [read more... ]
01 October 2015 – 18 October 2015
Marches of Dignity
“Oxi! Basta! Enough! – Build another Europe!”
Call to all organizations and movements sharing our motto to integrate the action framework, contribute to our program and join us for the European Marches and in Brussels on 15, 16 and 17 October. [read more... ]
17 October 2015
Tiedonantaja press festival
The press festival of the Finnish Tiedonantaja newspaper is traditionally held every other year in different cities around Finland. This year the festival will take in the city of Jyväskylä, in central Finland, on October. The transform! member organisation Democratic Civic Association (DCA) is one... [read more... ]
13 November 2015 – 14 November 2015
Populist & Radical Right in Europe and Left Strategies for a New Hegemony
In cooperation with the Swedish member organisation of the transform! network, the Center for Marxist Social Studies (CMS), and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. [read more... ]
Policy Advice Paper
A left-wing response to the asylum crisis and migration policy
By Gregory Mauzé
This Policy Advice Paper comprises an overview on the current situation of migration and asylum policy in the EU, policy recommendations and proposals for structural measures. All in a brief, precise and accurate way. [read more... ]
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