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Newsletter 20 May 2021

Dear Readers!

For continually larger parts of the population in many large European cities housing as a commodity is unaffordable. This is both a symptom and the motor of aggravated social inequality, which has been reinforced by measures to contain the corona pandemic. For many, short-time work and (the threat of) job loss is posing the question of how long they can afford rising rents. And it is precisely during the present crisis that Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court passed its sentence declaring the ‘Berlin Rent Cap’ (Law on Rent Limits in Residential Housing) incompatible with the Basic Law and therefore null and void.

To promote a cross-border exchange, transform! europe is organising a webinar on Friday, 21 May at 7:00 pm (CET) with activists and well-known representatives of left parties from several European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, and Spain) to identify common strategies – for decent housing for all.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Michael Hollogschwandtner, online editor, transform! europe

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