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Newsletter 05 December 2019

Dear readers,

Recently, the majority of the European Parliament adopted by a majority of 535 to 66 a resolution entitled the 'Importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe'. Unfortunately this resolution must be regarded as an attempt to whitewash historical fact in order to justify the equation of the murderous Nazi regime with socialist and communist ideals. The only group to reject it was the GUE/NGL.

To not leave this attempt unchallenged, transform! europe initiated an open letter, which was signed by more than 170 intellectuals throughout Europe, urging 'Respect for Historical Memory in Europe'. The initiators regard this open letter as the start of a European movement to revitalise the spirit of antifascism that originally informed the founding of our democracies and the striving for European unity. In the face of emerging neo-fascist parties with increasing electoral support and an intensification of nationalist hatred, along with growing anti-Semitism and racism in many European countries, a debate about the lessons to be drawn from the victory over historic fascism has indeed become crucial.

We have therefor compiled a number of texts in our special newsletter: our open letter, an in-depth analysis of the revisionist discourse in Europe, which has spread well beyond right-wing and conservative parties and its potential consequences, along with a recent example of the political struggle against it.

We wish you stimulating reading!

The team of transform! europe

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Open Letter
Respect for Historical Memory in Europe
The board of transform! europe launches the following open letter regarding the resolution 'Europe must remember its past to build its future', adopted by the majority of the European Parliament – rejected by the GUE/NGL group. [read more... ]
Madrid, dominated by the extreme right, continues to cry out No pasarán!
By Mauricio Valiente
On 30 October the Madrid City Council approved the celebration on 23 August of the Day of European Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism to pay homage to the victims of the communist and National Socialist regimes and other totalitarian and authoritarian regimes’, following an... [read more... ]
Rejecting Historical Revisionism in Practice – Greece’s Minister of Justice Boycotts the Tallinn Conference on the Victims of Communism
By Haris Golemis
The revision of the history – European and worldwide – of what Hobsbawm called ‘The Short Twentieth Century’ (1914-1991) by means of equating Communism to Nazism has an impact on European integration in terms of fuelling nationalisms and the geostrategic conflict between the West – mainly the US –... [read more... ]
The Dangerous Conservative Totalitarianism Discourse in the EU
By Thilo Janssen
For the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution conservative parties of the EU organised a whole series of events dealing with the heritage of communist regimes. The Estonian Presidency of the EU issued invitations to an August 2017 conference titled ‘The Legacy of the Crimes of Communist Regimes... [read more... ]
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