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Newsletter 15 May 2023

Dear readers,

The wave of strikes across Europe continues unabated. The working class continues to take to the streets against high energy prices, the general rise in the cost of living, precarious labour realities, anti-union attacks, austerity measures and, in France, an increase in the retirement age.

This newsletter gives an overview of the development of the strikes and mass mobilisations across Europe and looks at the role of the trade unions and the challenges they're facing to fight effectively against the policies of social inequality.

As well as engaging content on current workers' struggles in various European countries, this newsletter also contains our latest publications and information on topical events organised by transform! europe and our network.

We wish you interesting reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe

Featured Article
Germany’s Trade Unions are Racking Up Wins
By Heinz Bierbaum
The most recent collective bargaining rounds have seen organised labour go on the offensive [read more... ]
After Tempe: Preconditions For Regaining Confidence in the Railways
By Kostas Genidounias
Speech by Kostas Genidounias, President of the Panhellenic Association of Train Drivers (PEPE) at the conference organised by the Nikos Poulantzas Institute entitled "Safety: Countering the Argument - From Individual Responsibility to Multifaceted Collective Safety" held on 26th of April 2023. [read more... ]
One Against All?
By Gala Kabbaj, Zakaria Bendali
Macron's deeply unpopular pension reform passed, but the fight isn't over yet. [read more... ]
What Is Really Behind Delhaize's Plan?
Workers at Delhaize (one of Belgium's largest supermarket chains) are massively protesting against implementation of the franchise model which is expected to lead to layoffs, precariousness, and lower wages, as well as to endanger national unions and set a new franchising trend in the whole retail... [read more... ]
Problematic Working Conditions Among Contract Workers in the Italian Shipbuilding Industry
By Matteo Gaddi
Fincantieri is an Italian shipbuilding company that has expanded its global reach through a series of acquisitions and agreements and is portrayed as a respected and successful company. However, behind the façade of its industrial and commercial succes lies a darker reality of exploiting temporary... [read more... ]
May 2023 - Italian Trade Unions Mobilise For a New Era of Labour Rights
By Leopoldo Tartaglia
In Italy this month is marked by successful inter-regional demonstrations organised by the three confederal trade unions. Leopoldo Tartaglia, Secretary of the CGIL-International Department, outlines the crucial role of organised and unified trade union forces in embarking on a new path of general... [read more... ]
The UK’s Strike Wave: Where Next for Workers Struggles?
By Craig Lewis
2022 saw more strikes in Britain than any year since 2011 as workers continued to fight back against an on-going cost of living crisis that will see poverty, foodbank use, and homelessness hit even wider sections of the working class. The strike wave, which began last summer led by rail and postal... [read more... ]
Different Countries, Same Labour Struggle: Europe’s Hospitals on Strike
Healthcare cuts have sparked strike movements in many countries. How have these struggles developed in Germany, Great Britain and Spain, and what is actually going on in Austria’s hospitals? Fabian Hattendorfer, Benjamin Herr and Mathias Krams (editors of the Austrian online blog mosaik) provide an... [read more... ]
The Romanian IT Workers’ Labour Union Showed that Everyone Can!
Florentin Iancu, President of the Romanian IT Workers' Union (SITT), reflects on the history of his union, how it differs from other unions and how its members' attitudes to labour have changed over the years. [read more... ]
17 May 2023 – 17 May 2023
Book Presentation
'Mussolini's Grandchildren: Fascism in Contemporary Italy'
David Broder, editor of the transform! europe yearbook, Europe editor at JACOBIN, will present his new book "Mussolini's Grandchildren" on 17 May, 19:00 CET at the transform! europe coordination office in Vienna. You are cordially invited to attend! [read more... ]
31 May 2023 – 31 May 2023
Authoritarian Responses to New Forms of Protest
The right to protest is at the core of democracy. In recent years, authoritarian responses and the criminalisation of social protest have spread around the world. This event will present two reports (funded by The Left) analysing this situation. [read more... ]
15 June 2023 – 18 June 2023
The Future Factory
From 15-18 June we will come together in Rome to build the future! Activists, academics and left organisations will meet to discuss and design non-militaristic, non-antagonistic and collaborative futures. [read more... ]
06 July 2023 – 09 July 2023
Save the Date
Summer University 2023 of the Party of the European Left and transform! europe
The EL and transform! europe Summer University 2023 will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), from the 6th to the 9th of July 2023. [read more... ]
Studies on Challenges in Post-Coal Regions
By Roland Kulke, Dagmar Švendová Czesław Kulesza Ivan Strachoň Paweł Jaworski
The aim of this research is to develop and provide basic knowledge on the challenges of the "coal exit" for the areas of North Czech Republic, East Germany and large parts of South-West and Central Poland. [read more... ]
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