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Newsletter 31 May 2022

Dear readers!

This newsletter focuses on the left in Europe and gives an overview of the strength of left parties and strategic questions for the left, and discusses issues of representation of the Party of the European Left.

Specifically, as the legislative elections in France are approaching, our newsletter also provides an analysis of the new left electoral alliance.

An overview of the (online) events on current issues organised by transform! europe and its partner organisations can be found in our calendar.
We would like to draw particular attention to the Summer University of the Party of the European Left and transform! europe, which will take place in Aveiro (Portugal), from 8 to 12 July. The Summer University provides an opportunity for discussion with politicians, scientists, and activists from all across Europe.

Join us!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, transform! europe

Featured Article
A New Popular Union? Remarks on the French Left Political Agreement for an Alternative Government
By Paul Elek
After the presidential election, in which Jean-Luc Mélenchon missed entering the second round by only 1.2 percentage points, Greens, Socialists, and Communists formed an electoral alliance with La France Insoumise for the upcoming legislative elections: New Ecological and Social Popular Union... [read more... ]
The Left in Europe
By Barbara Steiner
Jean-Luc Mélenchon came a very close third behind Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election in France, Sinn Féin became the strongest party in Northern Ireland, and Syriza is preparing to re-enter the Greek government. Barbara Steiner gives an overview of the strength of left... [read more... ]
New Release
Left Strategies in the Covid Pandemic and Its Aftermath: transform! yearbook 2022
transform! yearbook 2022 looks at how left politics has been challenged by the Covid pandemic and asks what a programme of left demands for pandemic research, prevention and treatment might look like. transform! yearbook 2022 will be released in June. [read more... ]
On the Representatives of the Party of the European Left
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
Who are the representatives of the European Left and what do they stand for? [read more... ]
Fifty Years of VSA: Publishers: A Reason to Celebrate and to Look Back
By Walter Baier
Walter Baier pays tribute to one of transform! europe's initiators and a linchpin of European and international cooperation on the left. [read more... ]
08 July 2022 – 12 July 2022
Summer University 2022 of the Party of the European Left and transform! europe
This year's Summer University will take place in Aveiro (Portugal), from 8 until 12 July 2022. [read more... ]
10 June 2022 – 11 June 2022
International Conference
Socialism in Our Time
Join Jacobin magazine and transform! europe in summery Berlin for two days of stimulating debates and conversations. Leading thinkers from Europe and North America will speak in English and German on what it means to be a socialist today. [read more... ]
14 June 2022 – 14 June 2022
Hundred Shades of the EU. Mapping the Political Economy of the EU Peripheries
transform! europe presents a comparative study on the political economy of the contemporary European Union with an emphasis on southern and eastern Member States. The study concentrates on the economic, political, and ideological aspects of peripherality in the EU. Watch here the webinar's... [read more... ]
19 June 2022 – 19 June 2022
Give Peace a Chance! United towards Peace, Ecology and Climate — Abolish Nuclear Weapons!
In this accompanying peace event to the 1st UN Conference of the Partner States of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, all the aspects listed here will be examined in more details and ways to a peaceful sustainable development are identified. [read more... ]
The European Left in the 20s. Is there a strategy?
By Walter Baier, Eszter Bartha Heinz Bierbaum Matteo Gaddi Angelina Giannopoulou René Jokisch Steffen Lehndorff Ugo Palheta
This eDossier provides the contributions of the speakers and the participants of the latest Strategic Seminar. Hosted by transform! europe together with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, the annual event aims to serve as a space of timely debates for the left in Europe. In Addition, find here the... [read more... ]
Left theory for the 21st century Volume II
Living in Dark Times
By Michalis Bartsidis, Costas Douzinas
This volume reflects on the dark side of our times, the negativity that radical political strategy must address, manage and transform. Negativity appears either as a dialectical moment of passage or as the return of evil in biopolitical governance. [read more... ]
Left theory for the 21st century Volume I
Thinking Left Governmentality: The SYRIZA Experience 2015-2019
By Michalis Bartsidis, Costas Douzinas
The first analysis by Greek and international left intellectuals to place Syriza's experience in government being confronted with the Troika in the context of the contemporary theoretical debate. [read more... ]
Europe´s Third Way to Technological Sovereignty. A Critique
By Ekaitz Cancela, Aitor Jiménez
The European Union is witnessing a radical epistemic and societal change. The way we communicate, produce, socialise, and even govern, are being shaped by privately owned digital infrastructures. [read more... ]
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