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Newsletter 25 April 2023

Dear readers,

This newsletter looks at recent and upcoming elections in several European countries and the implications and prospects for the left in Europe.

First of all, congratulations to our comrades and friends of the Communist Party of Austria and the Young Left who, together as the KPÖ Plus electoral alliance, won 11.7% of the vote in the Salzburg state elections last Sunday and won 4 seats in the Salzburg state parliament. Even more remarkable is the result in the capital, Salzburg City, where the KPÖ Plus came second behind the Conservatives with 21.8% of the vote, relegating the far right to third place! It is the first time since 1949 that Communists will sit in the Salzburg Landtag! A detailed analysis of the consequences of the election result for the Austrian as well as the European left will be published on our website in the coming days.

Another positive development for the left in Europe is the formation of a new left party in Albania. Lëvizja BASHKË - Movement TOGETHER - aims to build a new Albanian left, rooted in the working class and fighting for social justice together with the trade unions, and will take part in next month's local elections in Tirana.

Parliamentary elections were recently held in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Finland. See below for analysis of the heated campaigns, interpretation of the tight results and the possible coalition alliances.

In less than a month, Turkey and Greece will also hold parliamentary (and in Turkey also presidential) elections. The stakes are high in both elections and their outcome will be crucial for the European left.

These are the main topics of this month's newsletter, complemented by analyses of the struggles of the Czech left and the major challenges facing the new government in Brazil in its first 100 days in office.

In addition to engaging analysis and commentary on these topics, this newsletter also contains our latest publications and information on thematic events organised by transform! europe and our network.

We wish you interesting reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe

Featured Article
Albania's New Left
Lëvizja BASHKË - Movement TOGETHER Towards Social Change
By Redi Muçi
The new left-wing party Movement Together is running in the local elections in Tirana on 14 May. Founded in December 2022 by activists from Organizata Politike, the party aims to build a new Albanian left that fights for social justice together with trade unions. Redi Muçi on the formation of the... [read more... ]
A Tempest in a Teacup: The Dutch Election Results Promise Little Change
By Jouke Huijzer
The new populist Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) came out on top in March's Dutch election, but the global distribution of power in the Netherlands remains unchanged. And there will be hardly room for implementing urgent reforms, especially in the areas of climate protection and agriculture. [read more... ]
Bulgarian Elections: Fifth Round Sliding Into Sixth?
By Georgi Pirinski
The centre-right alliance of former Prime Minister Borisov has won Bulgaria's 5th parliamentary election in two years. But the status quo remains, and the prospect of a sixth election is not implausible. [read more... ]
Finnish Parliamentary Elections and the Left Alliance
By Jukka Pietiläinen
The conservative National Coalition Party has emerged victorious in Finland's tightly fought general election. The far-right populist party The Finns achieved its best result to date, placing second. Despite gains, the Social Democrats could only manage third place. [read more... ]
A Crucial Battle for Greece and For Europe
By Danai Koltsida
In less than a month Greece is heading to national elections. After an almost full four-year term of the right-wing PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ single-party government, a lot is at stake. [read more... ]
Tayip Temel: Our Goal Is to End Authoritarianism and Democratise Turkey
HDP Deputy Co-Chair Tayip Temel on the upcoming elections, how the HDP will campaign with the Green Left Party (Yeşil Sol Parti) and possible political developments. [read more... ]
The ‘Conservative Left’ – An Oxymoron
By Jiří Dolejš
Jiří Dolejš criticises the ideological crises and splits within the left in the Czech Republic – and offers proposals to overcome them [read more... ]
Many Compromises, an Empty Treasury, and Lots of Enemies
By Andreas Behn
Brazilian President Lula’s first 100 days in office have been a successful balancing act. [read more... ]
Socialist, Communist and Trade Union Personalities in Brazil’s Government
By Martin Lampter
How to make a left-wing government that brings together many political parties and interests? Let's look to Brazil for inspiration. [read more... ]
04 May 2023 – 04 May 2023
Labour and Just Transition(s)
This webinar, hosted by transform! europe and AEPF (Asia Europe People's Forum), aims to explore and discuss ways to overcome the often sterile debates between orthodox and heterodox advocates of 'change' and 'transition' in order to solve existing ecological, economic and social problems. Join us! [read more... ]
15 May 2023 – 17 May 2023
Conference 2023
Beyond Growth - Pathways Towards Sustainable Prosperity in the EU
The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference is a multi-stakeholder event aiming to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe, based on a systemic and transformative approach to economic, social and environmental sustainability and its encompassing governance framework. transform!... [read more... ]
17 May 2023 – 17 May 2023
Book Presentation
'Mussolini's Grandchildren: Fascism in Contemporary Italy'
David Broder, editor of the transform! europe yearbook, Europe editor at JACOBIN, will present his new book "Mussolini's Grandchildren" on 17 May, 19:00 CET at the transform! europe coordination office in Vienna. You are cordially invited to attend! [read more... ]
Who Votes for the Left and Why? In Search of Our Identity
By Angelina Giannopoulou
Check out our new eDossier with selected contributions from last year's annual Strategy Seminar organised by transform! europe and the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, which took place in Paris in November 2022 and focused on the sociology of the left vote and various conglomerates of the radical left. [read more... ]
Millenials and Gen Z in Europe: Political Participation and Left-Wing Politics
By Lina Zirganou-Kazolea, Dimitris Papanikolopoulos
Youth expresses the most militant and promising part of the political left, playing a central role in social mobilisations and political uprisings. But are left-wing parties in Europe credible to Millennials and Gen Z? Why do even the radical parts of the politicised youth not see the left parties... [read more... ]
Ecofeminism. To Break Out of Strategic and Theoretical Impasses in the Face of the Climate Crisis
By Gauthier Delozière, Nathan Gaborit Gala Kabbaj
It is obvious that political environmentalism unfolds differently according to gender. This study aims to explore the heuristic dimension of ecofeminism and contribute to rethinking our contradictions, methods of struggle and possible cross-class alliances in the current context of impending... [read more... ]
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