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Newsletter 09 April 2022

Dear readers!

There is still war in Europe. Read our collection Voices for Peace.

The war also has repercussions on the French Presidential elections. This election’s outcome will have effects on the power relations of the whole European Union. Therefore, this newsletter provides the second installment of our French Presidential Election Campaign Diary: Look to the Left.

In addition, please read about our current research studies: on the national recovery and resilience plans of several EU Member States and the mapping of the political economy of states of the Euro-periphery.

An overview of the calls for submission and the (online) events on current issues organised by transform! europe and its partner organisations can be found in our calendar.

I wish you stimulating reading!
Michael Hollogschwandtner, web editor, transform! europe

Featured Article
Voices for Peace
In reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, transform! europe has issued a Peace Manifesto. A variety of other organisations advocate for peace as well: left parties and movements, NGOs, human rights organisations, peace movements, trade unions, religious groups, and many more. [read more... ]
French 2022 Presidential Election
Campaign Diary: Look to the Left
By Gala Kabbaj
The war in Ukraine, first and foremost, has decentred the general debate and, above all, has allowed Macron to reassert his presidential stature. On the left, the conflict has exacerbated already strong ideological divisions, and the gaps in the polls have widened. [read more... ]
Hungary: The Neoliberal Parliamentary Opposition's Alliance With the Far Right Has Failed
By Attila Vajnai
The Chairperson of the Workers' Party of Hungary 2006 and member of the Secretariat of the Party of the European Left, Attila Vajnai, provides a left viewpoint on the Hungarian parliamentary election. [read more... ]
Notes on Historical Revisionism in the European Union
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
Germany’s special historical responsibility is repeatedly reaffirmed, but at the same time interpreted in a new way – specifically now in the context of the war in Ukraine. Among those who call for German leadership, many like former German President Gauck are reinterpreting history at the European... [read more... ]
Study: Hundred Shades of the EU. Mapping the Political Economy of EU Peripheries
By Dagmar Švendová, Tatiana Moutinho
The study focuses on the political economy of the EU using core and periphery dynamics and comparative analysis. [read more... ]
Study on the National Recovery and Resilience Plans of Selected EU Member States
By Roland Kulke
Roland Kulke provides an overview of a research study commissioned by transform! europe which analyses the measures to offset the financial impact of the Covid19 crisis in 11 EU Member States for the years 2020 and 2021. [read more... ]
28 October 2022 – 30 October 2022
International Conference
Marx22 Conference: Primitive Accumulation
Following a series of successful conferences in recent years, transform! europe's member organisation Center for Marxist Studies (CMS) hosts the Marx22 international conference, focusing on primitive accumulation. [read more... ]
01 June 2022 – 01 June 2022
Call for Submissions (deadline: 1 June 2022)
The Militarisation of Space – Comic Call. An Imaginary Conversation with Alien Musk
This call is part of the Peace Summit - No to NATO! Madrid 2022 efforts, supported by transform! europe. [read more... ]
01 June 2022 – 01 June 2022
Call for Submissions (deadline: 1 June 2022)
(In)Security – Poster Call. A Discussion on Peace and War in our Daily Lives
This call is part of the Peace Summit - No to NATO! Madrid 2022 efforts, supported by transform! europe. [read more... ]
10 June 2022 – 11 June 2022
International Conference
Socialism in Our Time
Join Jacobin magazine and transform! europe in summery Berlin for two days of stimulating debates and conversations. Leading thinkers from Europe and North America will speak in English and German on what it means to be a socialist today. [read more... ]
08 July 2022 – 12 July 2022
Summer University 2022 of the Party of the European Left and transform! europe
This year's Summer University will take place in Aveiro (Portugal), from 8 until 12 July 2022. [read more... ]
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