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Newsletter 23 February 2023

Dear Readers,

The war in Ukraine continues, marking its sad first anniversary this month. Thousands and thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, global turmoil - the devastation continues and is hard to measure at this stage.

This newsletter looks at the impact of the war on social, economic, environmental and political levels. Read about the interactions between climate change and war, military rearmament and persistent high inflation and unemployment. In addition, you will find texts on the highly criticised European migration and asylum policies and an approach to war and peace from the perspective of feminist causal research.

A common message in all these texts is the need for socially sustainable alternatives and the importance of consistent peacebuilding efforts.

This newsletter also contains information on current events of transform! europe and our network.

We wish you an interesting read!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor, transform! europe

Featured Article
Imagining the World from the Perspective of Peace – Not War
By Heidi Meinzolt
Heidi Meinzolt of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) criticises the massive rearmament at a national, European, and global level and sheds light on the downward spiral of war from the perspective of feminist causal research. [read more... ]
Inflationary Pressures: Rising Prices, Militarisation and Authoritarianism
By Gabriele Michalitsch
Gabriele Michalitsch looks at developments in Austria to explain how neoliberalism is continuing to affect our economies and societies while creating fertile ground for authoritarianism. [read more... ]
Europe’s Migration Pact, Its Consequences and the War in Ukraine
By Cornelia Ernst
Cornelia Ernst, Member of the European Parliament (DIE LINKE), believes that the sharp criticism levelled by NGOs and left-wing groups at Europe's migration and asylum policy is justified - as for many years this policy has stood for a practice of cooperation with undemocratic third countries. [read more... ]
Not A Peaceful Climate
By Didem Aydurmus
Didem Aydurmus, German ecosocialist politician (DIE LINKE), emphasises the interaction between climate change as a trigger of wars and, at the same time, wars as one of the greatest burdens on the climate, and underlines the importance of consistent peacebuilding. [read more... ]
A Geopolitical EU to What End?
By Axel Ruppert
Axel Ruppert of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation reflects on the EU's geopolitical ambitions, examines what has changed in the EU's geopolitical orientation since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, criticises the increasing militarisation of the EU and provides an impulse for a different... [read more... ]
A European Energy Union as a Path to Peace Between Ukraine and Russia
By Jürgen Klute
What would have been the potential benefits for Russia, if its attack on Ukraine in February 2022 had been a success? Jürgen Klute asks this question in order to take another look at the causes of the war and thus also at possible ways to end the conflict peacefully and in the long term. [read more... ]
Rosa Luxemburg Categorically Opposed Unilateral and Forced Border Changes
By Holger Politt
With war still raging in eastern Europe, Holger Politt considers Rosa Luxemburg’s pacifist stance and her writings on annexation, separatism and the autonomy of national minorities. [read more... ]
24 February 2023 – 24 February 2023
365 Days of War in Ukraine: Prospects Towards Peace in 2023
One year after the beginning of the Ukraine war - the International Peace Bureau in cooperation with the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, Movement de la Paix, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and transform! europe hold an international webinar to bring together voices from different countries to discuss... [read more... ]
24 February 2023 – 26 February 2023
Peace Initiatives Across Europe
Hundreds of demonstrations, conferences and other activities to stop the war and build peace are taking place across Europe. See below for a list of Europe-wide peace initiatives on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. [read more... ]
11 March 2023 – 11 March 2023
International Conference
“Climate Change - Collateral Damage of Military Spending”
Over the past few years, Transform!Danmark International Climate Conferences have focused on the need for systemic change to tackle climate change. With this conference we want to continue and strengthen our arguments and work to build political, economic, social and ecological alternatives. [read more... ]
03 April 2023 – 04 April 2023
"100 Shades of the EU: The Political Economy of the EU Peripheries Between Pandemic and War"
The conference “100 shades of the EU: The Political Economy of the EU peripheries between Pandemic and War” will take place on the 3rd and 4th of April, in Trieste (Italy). [read more... ]
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