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Newsletter 30 November 2022

Dear readers,

We are currently experiencing a multiple worldwide crisis – we are living under the permanent threat of pandemics; war and climate change prevent the development of a just, sustainable and future-oriented society. Particularly the people of the countries of the Global South will be or have already been strongly affected by these impacts.

But how utopian is the demand for "a good life for all" and what does it take to practically initiate multiple transformation processes in order to enter an anti-capitalist, sustainable post-growth era?

This newsletter contains some contributions that deal with emancipatory, socio-ecological movements, various left approaches and organisational projects for achieving coexistence in a spirit of solidarity and a fundamental change for all.

Furthermore, in this newsletter you can find information on topical events organised by transform! europe and our members.

We wish you interesting reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe

Featured Article
The 1.5-Degree Target Is Dead — Hope Can Only Come From the Global Climate Justice Movement
By Roland Kulke
This year's UN Climate Change Conference was overshadowed by state repression and the obstruction of civil society mobilisations, as well as by the greenwashing and cover-up policies of over 600 participating lobbyists from the oil and gas industry. Immediately after COP27, a seminar co-organised by... [read more... ]
“Peace Is Not Everything but Without Peace Everything Is Nothing!”
By Walter Baier
Walter Baier comments on behalf of transform! europe on the final document of the 6th European Forum, which took place in Athens in October. [read more... ]
“Possibilities of a Socio-Ecological Transformation of the Energy Sector in Times of War”
By Jean-Claude Simon
Jean-Claude Simon reflects on the workshop “Possibilities of a socio-ecological transformation of the energy sector in times of war”, chaired by transform! europe, in the framework of the 6th edition of the European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces, which took place in October 2022 in... [read more... ]
Climate Justice in the Arab Region From the Feminist Perspective
By Fatma Khafagy
In the context of COP27, which took place in Egypt in November, Fatma Khafagy provides an analytical overview of feminist struggles in the Arab region that are closely linked to climate issues. [read more... ]
Climate Crisis and Colonialism in Puerto Rico
By Gitte Pedersen, Paul Lippert Figueroa
Paul Lippert Figueroa, party leader of the Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP) in the capital San Juan, comments on the intertwining between Puerto Rico's struggle for independence and the fight against the climate crisis. [read more... ]
More Equality for More Resilience
By Christophe Degryse
The year 2022 has given us a glimpse of the new world we are entering. We are witnessing the end of a long period of relative stability, prosperity and security. From now on, we will have to learn to live with uncertainty and restraint. An analysis by Christophe Degryse, Head of the Foresight Unit... [read more... ]
04 December 2022 – 04 December 2022
Unorthodox and Austro-Marxism in Eastern Europe and Beyond
The aim of the conference is to present current research, to deepen knowledge of Austro-Marxist and unorthodox Marxist thought in Eastern Europe from the early 1900s to the beginning of the Second World War, and to encourage further research on the subject. [read more... ]
10 December 2022 – 10 December 2022
Class Struggle in the Platform Economy: Lessons from China and Germany
This conference, organised by Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and Critical China Forum, aims to bring together food delivery workers from Germany and China (both mainland and Hong Kong) for an exchange on working conditions and labour disputes in their countries. [read more... ]
16 November 2023 – 18 November 2023
Call for Papers - Deadline 31 January 2023
International Marxist-Feminist Conference: Body, Work and Care in Contemporary Digital Capitalism
We would like to kindly invite you to submit your presentation proposal for the 5th International Marxist Feminist Conference which will take place 16-18 November 2023 in Warsaw and will focus on feminist theoretical, political, cultural, and artistic responses to current crises. [read more... ]
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