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Newsletter 28 October 2022

Dear readers,

In recent months, parliamentary elections have been held in Italy, Bulgaria, and Sweden. The different starting points have led to a similar result: the strengthening of the right-wing forces and increasing pressure on the centre and the left.

In Italy, after the coalition of "Fratelli d'Italia" (FdI), "Lega" and "Forza Italia" won a clear absolute majority of seats in both houses of parliament, the next government led by the right-wing alliance will strongly influence civil rights, the persecution of immigrants, women's rights, abortion, lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, education, etc.

In the Swedish parliamentary elections, the right-wing conservative coalition (for the first time with the participation of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats) won a narrow majority.

In Bulgaria, a complicated government formation process is in the offing after the conservative party of Boyko Borisov, the former Prime Minister, won the parliamentary elections.

For detailed analyses of the election results and their implications, please check our blog, which also includes an interesting book review by Conny Hildebrandt of the recent publication "Facing the New Far Right in Southern Europe", edited by the Coppieters Foundation and the Fundació nexe.

For an overview of events on current issues organised by transform! europe and its partner organisations, please check our calendar.

In addition, you will find a link in the newsletter to our latest publication "The EU Recovery and Resilience Programmes after COVID-19".

We wish you stimulating reading!
Štefica Gazibara, web editor for transform! europe

Featured Article
Italy: The Right Has Won but the System Remains Unstable
By Franco Ferrari
The results of the 25 September Italian elections confirmed many of the predictions contained in the principal opinion surveys. The right-wing coalition won 44% of votes and within it the party with the most radical tradition, Fratelli d’Italia, led by Giorgia Meloni, prevailed with 26%. [read more... ]
Bring Politics Back Into Society: 40% Abstained – Not Without Justification
By Luciana Castellina
What we had long expected to occur has happened: in Italy, where antifascism is written into the Constitution, Fratelli d’Italia, the party of Giorgia Meloni, has won – Meloni who does not call herself a fascist because doing so would be illegal but loses no opportunity to show that she is one. [read more... ]
The New, Reactionary Government of Sweden and How It Came Into Being
By Wojciech Albert Łobodziński
The latest Swedish elections have seen the rise of the far-right party, Swedish Democrats (which almost entirely focused on immigration and law and order) but also the fall of the left-wing government - says Erik Anderson, member of the Left Party of Sweden in an interview with Wojciech Łobodziński. [read more... ]
Bulgaria Once Again Deadlocked After Fourth Vote in 18 Months
By Georgi Pirinski
Georgi Pirinski analyses the parliamentary elections that took place in Bulgaria at the beginning of October, looking at how the result affects central issues such as overcoming corruption and Bulgaria's position on the war in Ukraine, and what consequences the Bulgarian left can draw from the... [read more... ]
Book Review
Facing the New Far Right in Southern Europe. Analysing the Rise of the Extreme Right After the Financial Crisis
By Cornelia Hildebrandt
The new publication, edited by Coppieters Foundation and Fundació nexe, analyses the development of right-wing parties in southern EU countries – specifically in Italy, Spain and France. It looks at their history since the end of the 1970s but focuses mainly on more recent developments after the... [read more... ]
05 November 2022 – 05 November 2022
A World to Win — Class War or Degrowth
Transform!Danmark and Global Action are organising this hybrid conference in Copenhagen to show the broad spectrum of the degrowth movement and explore how we can maintain a class struggle approach in the fight against capitalism. [read more... ]
06 November 2022 – 07 November 2022
HIER & JETZT Symposium
Deconstructing Walls of Discourse: Critical Responses from Art and Activism in Israel Palestine and the Diaspora
This Symposium wishes to highlight the voices of joint Palestinian-Israeli Grassroots movements and activists who stand for civil rights, equality, peace, and justice. The event also intends to address the gap between theory and practice by providing a window to dialogue, listening, and attempting... [read more... ]
08 November 2022 – 08 November 2022
Save the Date
Dissent, Consent and Hope - Statements, Perspectives and Discussion
The fraction of the European Left at the European Parliament is organising a DIALOP-Event to present the Position Paper between Christians and Marxists at the European level. [read more... ]
19 November 2022 – 20 November 2022
No Survival Without Peace
This international hybrid event brings together organisations and activists working for peace and the environment in Finland and internationally and aims to create discussions about the common goals of the peace and environmental movements and to build a path towards a new joint action of people's... [read more... ]
16 November 2023 – 18 November 2023
Save the Date
International Marxist-Feminist Conference: Body, Work and Care in Contemporary Digital Capitalism
The next International Marxist Feminist Conference will take place 16-18 November 2023 in Warsaw and will focus on feminist theoretical, political, cultural, and artistic responses to current crises. [read more... ]
The EU Recovery and Resilience Programmes after COVID-19
By Roland Kulke, Matteo Gaddi Eleftheria Angeli Mauricio Rezende Dias Ilona Švihlíková Michał Menes Pauline Debanes Michael Schwan Sara Murawski Zoltán Pogátsa Anna Pixer Karen Helveg Petersen Herman Beun
This eDossier summarises studies from all parts of Europe that aim to analyse how the discussions on the return of austerity policies are being conducted and whether a care society, a climate policy is in the discourse in the respective countries. And last but not least, which left alternatives to... [read more... ]
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