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Dimitris Papanikolopoulos

Dimitris Papanikolopoulos is a PhD in Political Science and a researcher. His research mainly focuses on issues of collective action and social movements. For some years, he has contributed articles to newspapers and the online press, while his scientific articles have been published in Greek and foreign journals and edited volumes. He has written many essays for the Research Institute of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (INE/GSEE). He has also authored the books: The ‘60s Protest Cycle. Collective action and democracy in pre-dictatorial Greece (Nissos Publications), December 2008. Analysis and Interpretation (Synadelfon Publications), Inside Movement. Aspects of intra-movement life in crisis-ridden Greece (Synadelfon Publications), 1821 as a revolution. Why it erupted and why it succeeded (ENA Institute for Alternative Policies). Together with Costas Galanopoulos he co-edited the collective volume What is to be done. Reflections on the reboot of radical politics (Themelio Publications). His book Millenials on the streets. The role of generations in social movements of contemporary Greece is currently in preparation for publication, in collaboration with the Nicos Poulantzas Institute (Themelio Publications).