• Outstanding win for the Left!
  • Spain

  • 02 Jul 14
  • Results 2014

    The Left (Izquierda Unida) almost tripled its share of the vote to 9.9 percent (6 seats). The new left party Podemos wins 5 seats.

    The reigning People's Party (PP) has been able to maintain in the European elections just their first place ahead of the Socialists (PSOE) but both are the elections' loosers. The PP lost 16%, the PSOE 15% points. The Liberal Union Progress and Democracy (UPyD) also rose to 6.47 percent (4 seats).

    Turnout: 45,85%

    Diagram Percentages 2014: PP (EPP) 26.1 PSOE (S&D) 23.0 CEU (ALDE) 5.4 IP (GUE/NGL) 10.0 UPyD (ALDE) 6.5 PODEMOS (GUE/NGL) 8.0 EPDD (GREENS/EFA)	4.0 C's (ALDE)	3,2 LPD (GUE/NGL) 2.1 Primavera Europea (GREENS/EFA) 1.9 VOX 1.6 Others 8.3


    IN POWER: PP (right)

    Radical left party in the EP: 1 seat of 50

    The United Left (IE) was founded in 1986 on the occasion of a campaign in favour of exiting the NATO conducted by parties of the far left including the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), and is the third biggest party in Spain. After a certain decline, this environmental-communist party made great progress in the general elections of November 2011, reaching 6.9% of the vote and hence obtained 10 seats in the parliament instead of 1. The socialist voters have not forgiven the former head of government Zapatero for his “austerity turn” in 2010. The new party “Podemos” (“We can”) hopes to obtain a seat in the EP.


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