• Historically Low Turnout: 13,05 %
  • Slovakia

  • 02 Jul 14
  • Results 2014


    First Results 2014:

    Turnout: 13,05 %

    SMĚR (Social democrats) – winner of elections despite of loss: 4 seats / 5
    KDH (Christian democrats): 2 seats / 2
    SDKU-DS (right party): 2 seats / 2
    OlaNO („Citizen movement“ – centrists- new subject): 1 seat / 0
    SAS (relatively new party, in Slovak parliament):  1 seat / 0
    NOVA: 1 seat / 0
    MOST (party of Hungarian minority in SK): 1 seat / 0
    SMK (party of Hungarian minority in SK): 1 seat / 2

    (seats 2014 / 2009)

    There is no radical left party (for GUE/NGL).

    Correspondent: Jirí Málek, SPED, CZ


    25.5.2014, 17:24 – Brief information on Czech (and Slovak) European election

    European elections in the Czech Republic were held on Friday and Saturday, in Slovakia only on Saturday.

    The most significant (as there are not available results) seems to be the low participation. If Slovakia was the country with the smallest turnout in both previous European election (less than 20 %), the Czech Republic reached about 28 % in 2004 and 2009. Now it seems that the turnout should be less than 20 %. It brings a great deal of uncertainty in the estimation of results.

    Slovakia – it is supposed that Smer – Slovak social democrats will be a winner but it could be less than in last election. There is no chance for any radical left parties or movements to advance in EP.

    The Czech Republic – the result of Czech radical left – CPBM (which includes also two members of SDS – party of democratic socialism) could be lower than the result in parliamentary election (and also lower than actual polls for national elections). The reason is that the views of the voters of radical left are euro skeptical (in general) and as an expression of this attitude is the absence in this election.

    There is a public opinion survey that analyzed the relationship to the European Union from this week.

    Election are useless, nothing will change - agree 48 %
    There is a chance something changed - agree 43 %
    How is the  EU membership of CZ reflected in your life?

    in no wise – 49 %
    Positively – 29 %
    Negatively – 19 %

    The euro skeptical position has support in all social groups.

    Jirí Málek, SPED, CZ


    Results 2009: