• Video Records of International Conference in Dublin online!
  • “Challenging the Rule of Troika, Transforming Europe”

  • 25 Jun 14
  • On 10 March 2014, Dublin City University hosted a conference, co-organised with transform!europe, to investigate the effects of troika rule in the four countries subjected to IMF-ECB-EU programmes (Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus), while also looking at those countries hovering on the edge of such programmes, such as Spain.

    Economists and politicians from these countries came together to analyse, not only what had happened, but also to deliberate on what the Left can make to happen to turn this around in the interests of working people who have suffered so grievously during this crisis.

    The keynote address was given by Alexis Tsipras, which inspired a sense of a European Left gathering strength and momentum.

    Find the conference programme here.


    Video records:

    Keynote address – Alexis Tsipras “A Left Political Alternative for the Refoundation of Europe”


    Introduction by Helena Sheehan, John Doyle, Walter Baier


    Maria Karamessini


    Michael Taft


    Rafael Munoz de Bustillo Liorente


    Group Discussion 1


    Marisa Matias


    David Jacobson


    Panagiotis Pandelidis


    Group Discussion 2


    Marga Ferre


    Sotiris Vlachos


    Paul Murphy


    Group Discussion 3


    Mary Lou McDonald