• The Utopia of Democracy
  • transform! europe Workshops at the Subversive Forum

  • In May Zagreb will become the center of leftist thought and debate gathered around the theme “The Utopia of Democracy”. transform! will participate with two workshops.

    Within the frame of the 6th Subversive Festival in Zagreb, from 7 to 18 May the Subversive Forum will take place, dealing with a series of events on the most pressing political issues of today, including the following seminars:

    • Peace Forum (7 May)
    • Austerity, Gree(n)d Economy and the Struggle for Democracy (8 May)
    • Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the Left Perspectives (9 May)
    • Commoning the Future (15 May)
    • The Enlargement of Post-Democratic Europe (16 May)
    • The European Left and the Global Crisis of Capitalism (17 May)

    Detailed Programme

    Download schedule (pdf)

    The workshops on 16 and 17 May are organized in cooperation with transform! europe


transform! Workshops:

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Enlargement of Post-Democratic Europe

10.00-11.30 Panel 1:
The Bay of PIGS: “Centre vs. Periphery” – A Realistic Perspective?
Chair: Elena Papadopoulou
Participants: Toni Prug, Susan Watkins, Francisco Louçã, Raffaela Bollini  

11.30 Coffee

12.00-13.30 Panel 2:
The Balkans in/out of the European Union
Chair: Walter Baier
Participants: Mate Kapović, Stipe Ćurković, Catherine Samary  

13.30-15.00 Lunch

15.00-16.30 Panel 3:
The Alter Summit: Towards A Political Alternative to Financial Dictatorship over Europe
Chair: Tomislav Medak
Participants: Elisabeth Gauthier, Felipe van Keirsbilck (tbc), Elena Papadopoulou, Eric Toussaint

Friday, 17 May 2013

The European Left and the Global Crisis of Capitalism

10.00-11.30 Panel 1:
Can the World Social Forum be reformed?
Chair: Walter Baier
Participants: Raffaella Bollini, Francine Mestrum, Bernard Cassen, Gus Messiah  

11.30-12.00 Coffee

12.00-13.30 Panel 2:
De-globalisation as an Alternative to European Integration?
Chair: Elisabeth Gauthier
Participants: Christophe Ventura, Lukas Oberndorfer, Walter Baier

13.30-15.00 Lunch

15.00-16.30 Panel 3:
The Rise of New Left
Chair: Marko Kostanić
Participants: Richard Seymour, Haris Golemis, Waltraud Fritz Klackl 


Find the workshop programme as pdf on the right (Documentation)