• Democracy and Laity, Labour and Common Goods, Rights, Citizenship and the Mediterranean Space
  • Europe, What to Do?

  • After the World Forum in Tunis, the Alter Summit of Athens, a week after the German elections, eight months to the European elections, a day of common reflection.

    In the middle of an identity crisis, Europe looks like becoming a prison more and more unable to provide justice by disrupting any form of democracy whatsoever in order to act as a tool for submission in favor of finance and the market law.

    On 28 September, a week after the German elections and eight months prior to the European ones, we propose a collective working day aiming at discussing the future of European integration and the role that organizations and social networks can play in the forthcoming months.

    How to build a European vision shared by the majority of its citizens? How to make the idea of ​​another Europe more popular and credible? How to build an alliance capable of imposing a change of course? What steps, what actions and/or which initiatives are possible?

    The working day of 28 September wants to further emphasize the importance of the European dimension and a Mediterranean perspective in the definition of alternative policies encompassing a rethinking of the foundations of the European Union fundamentally different from those imposed by the International Monetary Fund, the Commission and Council or the European Central Bank.

    A contribution not only able to update the analysis and advancing the dialogue, but also capable of looking at the emergence to propose actions, mobilizations and campaigns that help us move forward – aware of the difficulties, but also the need not to leave the future of the European project in the hands of the opponents.


    Elisabeth Gauthier, Haris Golemis*, Frederic Boccara*, Raffaella Bolini, Stefano Maruca, Roberta Turi, Roberto Morea, Roberto Musacchio, Franco Russo, Giovanna Hair, Lorenzo Marsili, Alfonso Gianni, Tommaso Fattori, Monica Pasquino, Piero Bernocchi, Gaetano Azzariti, Guido Viale, Nicoletta Pirotta, Virgilio Dastoli, Tonino Perna, Chiara Filoni, Mimmo Rizzuti, Leila Ghanem*


    transform! Italia, AltraMente, Arci, Fiom, Euromediterranean Left, European Feminist Initiative Italy, European Federalist Movement, Cercare Ancora

    * tbc

    The initiative is supported by:

    • Nicola Vallinoto
    • Maurice Gubbiotti (National Coordinator of the Secretariat Resp International Department
    • Legambiente Onlus)
    • Yassine Belkassem (Coordinator RACMI)
    • Galati Marina and Carlo De Angelis (on behalf of the National Coordination CNCA-host communities)
    • Vilma Mazza, Giammarco De 'Pieri and Beppe Caccia (Global Project)


Session I: 10.00 – 13.00


“Europe: Where are We Now?”

European policies, the Mediterranean dimension and social situation.


Session II: 15.00 – 18.00


“Europe: What to Do?”

The existing answers, the possible answers