• 21 October 2022 - 23 October 2022
  • Athens
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  • Athens European Forum 2022

  • We call on all left-wing, green and progressive political forces, all peace movements, all unions and social, feminist, environmental, citizen forces, all defenders of human rights, arts, culture and knowledge to invest in the preparation of the Forum.

    The European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces (EuropeanForumLGP) is one of the main political spaces of pluralist exchange for a democratic, social, ecological, feminist and peaceful transformation of Europe. The European Forum is open to all, to build together the necessary common struggles of the European peoples.

    The 6th edition of the European Forum will be held on 21-22-23 October 2022 in AthensIt is being held at a time when Europe is facing historic challenges for the continent's peace and collective safety, for its social and ecological future, for the respect of its principles of human rights, hospitality and solidarity.

    To respond to these great human challenges, and to deal with threats, building peace and justice is an emergency for the peoples of Europe. Our Forum wants to work on solidarity-based human responses, and on shared action objectives at European level.

    We want a new strategic compass for the action of the peoples of Europe that sets the course in all areas for a Europe of human safety for all.

    1. For Peace in Europe

    Peace is once again seriously threatened by the return of the war unleashed in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. We want to act to end this war, and to act against all the factors of war: the militarization and the nuclear and conventional over-armament, the violation of international law, the extension of the blocs and military alliances, and the rivalries of domination of the great powers against the sovereign democracy of each people. In Europe, it is urgent to act because the escalation can get out of control. With the European Forum, we want to work towards a new peace project for all Europeans, a new collective security architecture based on disarmament, equality of peoples, respect for human rights and international law for all.

    2. For a Just Ecological Transition, and Social Justice for All

    These two challenges are inextricably linked. Everything shows it: the pandemic and health insecurity; the soaring cost of living, energy and food prices and the social insecurity that this generates; the ambition of carbon neutrality in 2050 and the immense changes that this implies in work, production and consumption. Everything is connected. The effects of the climate crisis are already visible and we are in the last decades where it is possible to act. We need an ambitious climate action now. Through the European Forum, we want to work on a new social and ecological project for the future of Europe. The success of the ecological transition requires ambitious objectives associated with overcoming social inequalities, promoting public services, employment and a new meaning given to work, the reconstruction of health, food, industrial and energy security, and a truly sovereign democracy of the peoples over their future.

    3. For a Global Human Security for All, for the Peoples of Europe

    By global security, we mean the security of life and the protection of life in all areas. This is what will build peace, it is to this that we must devote all the means and not to the crazy growth of military spending. What will uproot the causes of the war in the peoples’ spirit is to ensure the respect of social rights, health, energy and food security, the protection of biodiversity, respect for human rights and democracy, the fight against patriarchy, the promotion of women's rights against all gender-based violence and discrimination, the fight against racism and for the full equality of all humans, respect for each state, its integrity and sovereignty, as opposed to the "double standard" which is the rule of the powerful. Through the European Forum, we want to act for a Europe of peoples and nations living in peace and safety, a hospitable Europe, which acts for a new global development in solidarity.  

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