• Speech at EL Congress
  • Unity of the Party, unity of the struggles

  • By Paolo Ferrero | 24 Jan 20
  • Dear comrades,  We did succeed in having a congress of unity, with a shared political document and - as it seems - a common proposal upon the leadership. This is a very positive result. Now we need to decide how we could use such a document.  First of all, the European Left Party must work towards...
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  • Background article
  • Stop The Reform Of European Stability Mechanism

  • By Paola Boffo | 23 Jan 20
  • In Italy, a discussion developed, first in the media and then in the parliamentary halls, about the proposed reform of the European Stability Mechanism treaty, which should be approved by Eurozone leaders at the Euro summit on December 13th. The leader of the Northern League sovereign party, Matteo...
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  • 13th Annual Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture
  • Klaus Dörre: "A Right-Wing Labour Movement? Causes of an Imaginary Revolt"

  • By Danai Koltsida | 15 Jan 20
  • The 13th Annual Nicos Poulantzas Memorial Lecture, titled “A Right-Wing Labour Movement? Causes of an imaginary revolt”, was delivered on December 9th 2019 in Athens by the Professor of Sociology at the University of Iena, Klaus Dörre, and was attended by a large audience of leftists as well as progressive academics, students etc.
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