• transform! europe: AKADEMIA Network

  • 25 May 12
  • Who are we?

    transform! europe is a European network for alternative thinking and political dialogue formed by 23 organizations from 17 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis.

    In the context of the dramatic crisis there are new potentialities of cooperation between left scholars and the European Left, as well as an urgency to build political and intellectual dynamics in favour of a breach with the neoliberal logic. The struggle for a new cultural hegemony becomes essential in the intellectual and political field. transform! wishes to mobilize its resources in order to favour new and fruitful cooperation for that purpose.

    What is our “AKADEMIA Network”?

    It is a project launched in March 2012 to create a comprehensive (geographically and thematically) European network of left-wing academics in order to contribute to counter hegemonic thinking against neo-liberalism.

    For this purpose we are creating a virtual platform (an intranet with limited access) where the academics will be able to interact, share information/ publications and develop common projects.

    Likewise, in the mid-term we want to make this rich database accessible to social and political activists, politicians of the European Left, GUE/NGL MEPs, left parliamentarians and local councillors.


    We plan to have this virtual platform fully operational by September 2012.


    Contact for more information:

    AKADEMIA Network Project
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