• Statement of European Leftists in solidarity with Syriza
  • The Struggle for a Different Europe Is Not Over

  • 18 Sep 15 Posted under: Greece
  • "As general elections in Greece approach, the time is ripe to reiterate our solidarity with SYRIZA. In spite of the 13th of July agreement, which shed light onto the brutality and dogmatism of the so-called European partners, the struggle for a fairer Europe isn’t over. SYRIZA’s role remains decisive, and it is in the best interest of the whole of Europe not to let them down.

    The inspiring popular movement that led to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader in the United Kingdom shows that, even in core Europe, change can occur. It opens up new possibilities for a broader front against austerity in Europe to arise, as well as for common sense to eventually prevail over destructive neoliberal policies.

    As more and more refugees are risking their lives to escape war zones and misery, a progressive Greece has a huge role to play. Shortly after taking office, Tsipras’ government granted full citizenship to children born in Greece from foreign parents. That’s the kind of humanistic policies the EU needs – embracing a common future, rather than turning in upon ourselves – on a much broader scale.

    On September 20th, the Greek people will choose to either give their vote to SYRIZA, or to the representatives of the oligarchy that damaged the country for so many years. Conditions are difficult. The memorandum imposed upon Tsipras’ government is also the outcome of the weaknesses to mobilize massively for another Europe. The room for manoeuvre of a progressive government in Greece to implement a parallel program which offsets as much as possible the effects of the 3rd memorandum will depend on our ability to better mobilize in our respective countries of residence. It is a historic responsibility that could influence the course of Europe as a whole."


    List of Signatories:

    Abendroth Elisabeth, Germany

    Acerbo Maurizio, Italy

    Ambrosch Heidemarie, Austria

    Astégiani Merrain Marie, France

    Baerwolff Matthias, Germany

    Baier Walter, Austria

    Balibar Etienne, France

    Benatouil Maxime, France

    Benyik Matyas, Hungary

    Bieler Andreas, United Kingdom

    Bischoff Joachim, Germany

    Boaccara Frederic, France

    Bolini Raffaella, Italy

    Brie Michael, Germany

    Brown Wendy, USA

    De Sousa Santos Boaventura, Portugal

    Delepouve Marc, France

    Dellheim Judith, Germany

    Detje Richard, Germany

    Didry Claude, France

    Dimicoli Yves, France

    Durand Denis, France

    Durand Jean-Marc, France

    Ferre Marga, Spain

    Fleissner Peter, Austria

    Flipo Fabrice, France

    Gauthier Elisabeth, France

    Grahl John, United Kingdom

    Guespin Janine, France

    Hildebrandt Cornelia, Germany

    Himmelstoss Eva, Austria

    Klute Jürgen, Germany

    Lehndorff Steffen, Germany

    Málek Jiří, Czech Republic

    Marcon Giulio, Italy

    Marx Bernard, France

    Mezzadra Sandro, Italy

    Mills Catherine, France

    Monteiro Hugo, Portugal

    Morea Roberto, Italy

    Mouffe Chantal, Canada

    Musacchio Roberto, Italy

    Panourgia Neni, USA

    Pianta Mario, Italy

    Pickshaus Klaus, Germany

    Pilichowski Christian, France

    Ramirez Sigfrido, Belgium

    Robbins Bruce

    Rousseau Michel, France

    Sabourin Anne, France

    Sandoval Véronique, France

    Selinger Helmut, Germany

    Steiner Barbara, Austria

    Tosel André, France

    Touzet Hugo, France

    Van Keirsbick Felipe, Belgium

    Weber Louis, France

    Wolf Frieder Otto, Germany


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