• Press release of Coalition Climat 21
  • The Civil Society United in Solidarity and Still Mobilised for the Climate

  • 18 Nov 15
  • The Coalition Climat 21 and all the organisations which are part of it express their solidarity with the victims of the attacks of 12 November in Beirut and those of 13 November in Paris, as well as their families and friends.

    The world which we have always defended is not that one. The world which we defend is the one of peace, justice, the struggle against disparities and against the climatic disorders.

    While taking into account the exceptional circumstances, we are convinced that the COP 21 cannot take place without the participation nor without the mobilisations of the civil society in France. So, we shall put in all our efforts so that the mobilisations which we have organised will take place. In dialogue with the authorities, we shall continue to ensure that the safety and security of all is guaranteed.

    We remind everyone that this mobilisation will be global: hundreds of thousands of people will mobilise during two weeks of negotiations of the COP21 and the representatives of the countries of the South as countries of the North will be present in Paris. The whole world is concerned and we shall not skip over these stakes.

    More info about the Coalition Climat 21:

    The Coalition Climat 21 was born in 2014 at the initiative of the RAC (French Climate Action Network), of the CRID (Center of research and information for the development) and of Attac. At its origin: the failure of the conference of Copenhagen in 2009, but also the standing about of the negotiations during the Conference of Warsaw in 2013, which had urged the civil society to slam the door of the COP. Today, the Coalition Climat 21 is made up of more than 130 organisations of the civil society. Together, they assert that the negotiations which will be held within the framework of the COP21, if they are a necessary stage, will not be sufficient to save the climate, as shown over the last twenty years.

    They call the citizens to take advantage of the political and media coverage of this summit to get organised and mobilise widely to launch a strong and sustainable movement for climatic justice.

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